Willie Bird Returns to Oliver’s Market Delis

A name familiar to Sonoma County residents has returned to Oliver’s Market Delis. Willie Bird, a longstanding local company, was acquired by another great poultry company, Diestel in 2020. Diestel has released a collection of Willie Bird deli meats, which are now in our stores and available for your next deli meat purchase. The varieties available are Willie Bird Roasted Turkey Breast and Willie Bird Smoked Chicken.

“We’re really happy here at the Oliver’s Deli to announce the return of Willie Bird,” explains Oliver’s Deli Coordinator James Schwedhelm. “When Willie wanted to retire, he needed to find someone to carry on his legacy. He reached out to long time family friends at the Diestel Family Ranch to see if they had any interest in carrying on the tradition. The Diestel Family was honored to keep a wonderful California Company alive by taking over the brand. The Diestel Family committed to honoring all the processes, flavors, and traditional smoking process that Willie had produced. These meats are wet cured and smoked with sweet maple hardwood, just the way Willie made them. Diestel Family Farms already does such a wonderful job ensuring quality products as well as fair animal treatment. The addition of Willie Bird to their portfolio keeps a wonderful product and its heritage alive and well.”

Family owned and operated since 1949, Diestel Family Ranch has been a staple in Oliver’s Market for many years, providing consumers with premium all-natural and organic turkeys from their beautiful ranch in the Northern California foothills.

Today, the fourth generation family members are determined to continue earning consumers’ trust and loyalty through innovation and our relentless passion for doing things the right way, without compromise.

We hope you will try Willie Bird Roasted Turkey Breast and Willie Bird Smoked Chicken soon and see if you don’t agree that they are high quality, delicious options with a little bit of extra ‘local’ flavor and history.

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