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Organic Seedless Watermelons – $6.99/ea.

Seedless watermelons are versatile, used in fresh fruit salads, smoothies, and desserts. Their seedless nature makes them ideal for juicing, snacking, and garnishing summer drinks. Grown by Durst Farm in Esparto, CA.

Wild King Salmon Fillets – $19.99/lb.

Wild king salmon fillets are prized for their rich flavor and high omega-3 content. They’re ideal for grilling, baking, or pan-searing, offering a gourmet experience. Product of the USA, Previously Frozen.

High Ground Vodka, 750ml Bottle – $19.99+CRV

“100% estate-grown rye and spring water from Sierra Mountain snowmelt is crafted in our state-of-the-art distillery to create a surprisingly soft and smooth vodka with a hint of rye spice.”

Waterloo Sparkling Water, Selected Varieties, 12 pack/12 oz. Cans – $4.49+CRV

We’re an independently minded and independently owned sparkling water company. Our passion for sparking moments of “wow” with authentic, custom-created flavors sets us apart.

Clover Sonoma Organic Kefir, 32 oz. Container – $3.79

Kefir is a tangy, fermented milk drink rich in probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. It’s known for promoting gut health and boosting the immune system.

Oliver’s Own Caprese Salad – $8.99/lb.

Caprese salad is a fresh Italian dish featuring ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. It’s known for its vibrant flavors and simplicity.

Oliver’s Own Passion Fruit Mousse Cake, 6-Inch Cake – $25.99/ea.

Vanilla cake filled with a silky, exotic passion fruit mousse and finished with passion fruit buttercream.

Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze – $13.99/lb.

Pleasantly sweeter than your everyday cheddar, Prairie Breeze has a creamy yet crumbly texture. As this cheese ages, little flecks of satisfyingly crunchy cheese crystals develop. This outstanding cheddar is fantastic as a standalone cheese or melted on a cheeseburger.

Where Local Means Sonoma County

As a Sonoma County business, we’ve built enduring relationships with local growers, makers, and manufacturers, because they make the foods and wines we love.

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