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Organic Green and Red Grapes, Grown by Sunview in California  – $3.29/lb.

For the past three years we have been working with Shasta Produce and Sunview to create an eco-friendly option to the plastic bags that grapes typically come in. The result is a sturdy paper tote that is better for Planet Earth.

Rosie Air Chilled Whole Chickens – $3.49/lb.

Roast them whole, spatchcock and grill or cut these whole chickens into pieces before cooking.

Rodney Strong Rosé of Pinot Noir, 2021 Sonoma Coast – $12.99

“This perennially delicious wine continues its winning streak in a fresh, fruity and cohesive expression of strawberry, peach and lime, which is balanced in acidity and offers a lasting hint of lime.” – 91 points Wine Enthusiast

Liquid Death Water, Selected Varieties, 16.9 oz. Can – $1.19+CRV

Tapped deep underground in the Austrian Alps, purified and canned at the source, Liquid Death still water delivers a clean, refreshing taste with natural minerals that promote hydration.

Pic’s Peanut Butter, Selected Varieties, 13.4 oz. Jar – $5.99

There are only two ingredients in this delicious Peanut Butter. Peanuts, and Sea Salt. The perfect choice for an excellent Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich!

Oliver’s Own Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $9.49/ea.

Rocky Chicken boneless skinless thighs, seasoned with our house Mexican Spice Rub, grilled daily in house. We top the chicken with grilled pepperoncini’s, spicy pepper jack and then finish with our house made Smoky Aioli. Served on a Basque Boulangerie roll.

Costeaux French Bakery Sliced Sourdough Boule, 18 oz. Loaf – $4.99

Made of artisan sourdough this loaf has a firm, crisp, golden crust, and a moist soft interior. Excellent for sandwiches or French Toast.

Black Creek 3 Year Sharp Cheddar, 7 oz. Package – $3.99/ea.

A true testament to Wisconsin cheesemaking tradition, enjoy melted in macaroni and cheese, or alongside freshly sliced apples.

Where Local Means Sonoma County

As a Sonoma County business, we’ve built enduring relationships with local growers, makers, and manufacturers, because they make the foods and wines we love.

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