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Local Organic Anaheim or Jalapeno Peppers – $2.99/lb.

Whether you want a spicier pepper like the Jalapeño or a milder option like the Anaheim, these are guaranteed to give your dishes a bit of heat! Grown by Longer Table Farm in Santa Rosa via F.E.E.D. Cooperative.

Wild Coho Salmon Fillets – $15.99/lb.

Baked, roasted, steamed, Salmon combines well with a variety of sides. Add a Salmon fillet to a salad for a healthy meal and enjoy! Previously Frozen. USA. Sustainability rated Green.

Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc, 2022 Sonoma County – $16.99

This white wine has aromas of fresh pineapple, white lily, jasmine, and passion fruit. It has flavors of honeydew melon, peach, and citrus blossom. It is light on the palate but flavor dense.

Just Ice Tea, Selected Varieties, 16 oz. Bottle – $1.99+CRV

Their line of delicious, organic, and Fair Trade Certified bottled teas has something for JUST about anyone – with unsweetened and Just Sweet Enough options.

Enzo’s Table Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Selected Varieties, 500ml Bottle – $15.99

Choose from a selection of Delicate, Medium, or Bold versions of Enzo’s Table Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made from 100% organic olives.

Oliver’s Own Roast Beef – $11.99/lb.

“This is the only Roast Beef that we carry that I order. I’m a huge Boar’s Head fan and their product is amazing but there’s something about a freshly sliced lunch meat coming from a whole piece cooked within a day of purchase. You can’t beat that. Our Roast Beef is next level. Give it a shot. The whole family should love it.”

Oliver’s Own Mocha Mousse Cake, 8-Inch Cake – $35.99/ea.

Vanilla cake brushed with coffee essence, layered with mocha mousse and finished with chocolate ganache or espresso buttercream.

Valley Ford Cheese Co. Grazin’ Girl – $15.29/lb.

This lush gorgonzola style blue cheese boasts a dense creamy paste with a soft golden hue from the grass-fed Jersey Milk. The healthy blue veining adds a peppery bite to the earthy buttery cheese.

Where Local Means Sonoma County

As a Sonoma County business, we’ve built enduring relationships with local growers, makers, and manufacturers, because they make the foods and wines we love.

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