Sustainability at Oliver’s Market

Oliver’s Roots are Focused on Supporting Community

From the very beginning, Steve Maass, the owner and founder of Oliver’s Markets, acted as a bridge between the community and local farmers – going around to local farms and selling their products to the community. Now, Oliver’s is the only grocery market where local means “Sonoma County.” The impact this has had on our community is not unquantifiable, but if you live or visit Sonoma County, you see it in the cleaner air, vibrant faces and supportive neighbors. Before sustainability was a known and desired value, Oliver’s was walking this talk and lowering the carbon footprint of its supply chain by supporting local farmers and local artisans. Over 90% of our 1,000+ employees are local to Sonoma County, reducing our carbon footprint as a company even more.

Oliver’s Market – the 1st Grocer to be Certified as a Sonoma County Green Business!

Since 1988 when Oliver’s first opened its doors, we have supported local farmers lowering the carbon footprint of the products on our shelves. In 2007, we were one of the first commercial businesses who recycled and in 2008 was one of the first commercial businesses in Sonoma County to pilot a commercial food scrap collection program. Soon after, Jude, an employee of Oliver’s was given the role of Oliver’s Market’s first Sustainability Coordinator. In 2011, Oliver’s became the first Sonoma County grocer certified as a green business, creating a culture of enthusiasm to give back to our community even more. Oliver’s Market continues to lead the way in sustainability.

Working Towards “Zero Waste”

At Oliver’s we know that “The easiest piece of waste to manage is the one we waste that we don’t create,” so “Reduce” and “Reuse” are our number one goals before recycling and composting. From switching to reusable pallet wraps (instead of using single-use plastic wrap) to changing our produce bag dispensers to dispense less bags to selling reusable produce and grocery bags, we are consistently looking for new and innovative ways to operate using less or no waste.

Incorporating Renewables & Energy Efficiency

Since Sonoma Clean Power began servicing Sonoma County, Oliver’s Market has been enrolled, making approximately 40% of its energy sources renewably sourced. Additionally, we have added a 169-panel solar system (60.84 kWdc in size) to our corporate offices, using approximately 86,921 kWh of solar energy since the beginning of 2018. The amount of energy this solar system is saving amounts to approximately 8 homes annually! We continue to upgrade our refrigeration, lighting and more to more efficient standards and make it a point to educate staff on the importance of energy savings.

There’s Never Enough Water To Waste

Even when there is no drought, at Oliver’s we are always aware that water efficiency is an easy choice in light of past and potentially future droughts as well as the dire need for an ample water supply for keeping our ever-increasing fires at bay. We constantly check our faucets to make sure they are not leaking and train our employees to not waste water and use dry methods of cleaning when possible.

We Would Love To Hear From You!

What distinguishes Oliver’s Market with the rest of the grocers in Sonoma County is our investment in Sustainability. We are the first grocer in Sonoma County to hire a full-time Sustainability Coordinator, local to Sonoma County who is trained in business and sustainability, who is dedicated to reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency, reducing water usage and preventing pollution. Meet Annie by clicking here and she is always happy to hear from you! Please email her at with any questions or suggestions or just to learn more about what Oliver’s Market is doing to be the most sustainable grocer in Sonoma County!

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