Experience the Power of Protein – And Save!

Sports nutrition is in the spotlight this week, with Garden of Life SPORT Proteins offering Plant-Based and Grass Fed options that meet your needs for peak performance, muscle recovery, immune system support, and contain no banned substances and no added sugar – only quality, certified ingredients.

Along with high quality proteins, we are looking at options for optimal hydration. Oliver’s is pleased to offer special pricing this week on Nuun Sport Hydration tablets, convenient to use, and with only 1 gram of sugar per serving and replacing the electrolytes you need. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy generous savings as you achieve your fitness goals this week – with a little help from Oliver’s.

Note: All prices in effect from July 26 – August 1, 2023 at all four Sonoma County Oliver’s Market locations.

The Cleanest Performance Line Ever

The Garden of Life SPORT product line is certified “clean” by being Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified by NSF for Sport® and Informed-Choice for Sport.

That’s quadruple assurance that these products are clean and free of any banned substances! Garden of Life offers both plant-based and whey proteins, and plant-based bars along with pre- and post-workout formulas to meet all your performance needs.

  • Organic Plant-Based Protein offers a blend of certied organic proteins from multiple sources, featuring US grown organic peas, to give it a great smooth and creamy texture.
  • This week we are featuring Garden of Life SPORT Organic Plant-Based Protein, Selected Varieties, 22.57-23.28 oz. Tubs, $29.99
    • 30g organic plant-based protein
    • 5g BCAAs
    • 5g glutamine & glutamic acid
    • Organic performance blend
    • Organic muscle recovery blend
    • 2 Billion CFU B. lactis
    • No banned substances for sport
  • Certified Grass Fed Whey is designed to refuel and repair muscles. Intensive training and exercise breaks down muscle tissue and then the body repairs and rebuilds to make them stronger.
  • This week we are featuring Garden of Life SPORT Certified Grass-fed Whey, Selected Varieties, 22.57-23.28 oz. Tub, $29.99
    • 24g grass fed whey protein
    • 6g BCAAs
    • 4g glutamine & glutamic acid
    • 2 Billion CFU B. lactis Bl04
    • No added hormones, no antibiotics
    • No added sugars

What Sets Garden of Life Apart

Oliver’s has worked with Garden of Life for many years, as we believe they offer our customers products of the highest quality. “Empowering Extraordinary Health®” is not just a mission statement to be used on their website or advertisements. The sole purpose of Garden of Life is and always will be to empower their consumers, with the tools necessary to achieve extraordinary health while ensuring that they are offering clean, traceable, clinically studied ingredients in the most sustainable way possible.

Their process is not the same as many nutritional supplement companies out there. They believe in whole food ingredients, in traceability, in third-party certifications, and in accountability. As fanatical as they are over what goes into their products, they are even more obsessed about the things they keep out of them. You won’t find synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colorings, binders or fillers. They’re uncompromising about your health.

Smoothies — and Beyond! 

You can use protein powder in a variety of ways to seamlessly integrate it into your lifestyle. We picked out recipes for Garden of Life Chocolate Chip Protein Protein Pancakes, Garden of Life No Bake Brownies, Garden of Life PB and Whey Ice Cream, and Garden of Life Summer Recovery Smoothie just to get you thinking about the myriad possibilities here!

Convenient Next Level Hydration

  • Nuun Sport Hydration Tablets, Selected Varieties, 10 Count Tube, $5.99

Here is another company who walks their talk when it comes to choosing clean ingredients that work with your body, giving you the nutrients you need to stay healthy and hydrated. Nuun is a Certified B Corp. Their products are formulated with a plants-first mindset.

Authenticity requires transparency—they choose clean ingredients and suppliers backed by third-party certifications:

  • Certified Gluten Free by Gluten Intolerant Group
  • Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union
  • Certified Vegan by American Vegetarian Association
  • Informed Sport by LGC Sciences
  • Non GMO Project Verified by The Non-GMO Project.

Nuun Sport electrolyte tablets are proactive hydration solutions with clean ingredients that hydrate better than water alone to keep you moving!

We hope you will take full advantage of these fantastic savings as you find your own personal peak performance this week at Oliver’s.


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