Discover Local Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms!

This week at Oliver’s, we are taking a deep dive into the delicious, nutritious world of our favorite fungi, mushrooms!

Beginning with 25% off our favorite local gourmet varieties from Mycopia, all the way to discovering delicious recipes and great tips for maximum gourmet mushroom enjoyment, we are ready to share some delicious and tasty mushroom magic this week at all four Sonoma County Oliver’s Market locations.


Note: All quoted prices and sales are in effect through October 24, 2023.

Culinary Mushrooms

First, let’s start with our very special 25% savings on all Local Organic Mycopia Mushrooms! Get ready for delicious days in your future as you enjoy Maitakes, Trumpet Royale, Alba Clamshell and Oyster mushrooms from this top quality, world class purveyor.

In case you are not already familiar, founded in Sebastopol, CA in 1977, Gourmet Mushrooms was the first company to commercially grow Shiitake in the US. Today, under the Mycopia Specialty Mushrooms brand, they grow Alba Clamshell, Brown Clamshell, Trumpet Royale, Forest Nameko, Velvet Pioppini, Nebrodini Bianco and Maitake Frondosa. They hand harvest and hand pack thousands of pounds of organic/kosher mushrooms every week – fresh from the farm to America’s finest restaurants and kitchens. We are fortunate to have such an outstanding producer of top quality gourmet mushrooms located right here in Sonoma County!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Maitakes, Clamshell, and Trumpet Royales oh my! With so many mushrooms to choose from, here’s a handy guide for picking the right one.

MAITAKE FONDEROSA MUSHROOMS: This is a very adaptable mushroom with a beautiful forest aroma and a light, crunchy texture. Its versatile flavor makes it excellent with roasted meats and dark, leafy greens.

BROWN CLAMSHELL MUSHROOMS: This mushroom is similar to the Alba Clamshell, but is much more versatile. It’s an excellent addition to seafood soups or  stews, stir-fries, and red wine sauces. Roast them in the oven to deepen their flavor.

TRUMPET ROYALE MUSHROOMS: This mushroom has a wonderful savory flavor, and a firm, meaty texture. These can be prepared a wide variety of ways, from being saut­éed to grilled, braised, stewed or boiled.

ALBA CLAMSHELL MUSHROOMS: This is a very versatile mushroom, but is distinguished by its almond aroma and slight shellfish flavor. Sauté these with olive oil and garlic and serve over pasta.

FOREST NAMEKO MUSHROOMS: Forest Nameko has an earthy, forest flavor that is enhanced when sautéed, and the silky texture withstands the sautéing process well. The layer of naturally occurring gelatin on the cap allows Forest Nameko to act as a light thickener for soups and sauces.

VELVET PIOPPINI MUSHROOMS: The unique robust flavor of the Velvet Pioppini has already made it a hit with chefs all over America. Also known as the Black Poplar mushroom, it has magnificent dark brown caps on long cream colored stems. The intense forest flavor makes it a natural for pastas, game, and red meats.

NEBRODINI BIANCO MUSHROOMS: A relative of the Trumpet Royale, Nebrodini Bianco is a large firm mushroom with a beautiful vase shape and a color ranging from ivory to glistening white. The flavor is sweet and rich. The texture is unlike any cultivated mushroom you’ve tasted before. Imagine the most tender abalone! Very versatile – at home both in green curry with coconut or with tomato, olive and capers.

Maximum Mushroom Enjoyment

Let us count the ways to enjoy these local gems. We have some great ideas for you! How about   Pulled Maitake Mushroom Sliders, a recipe developed by Dillon Bean, Cotati Assistant Store Director. Other delicious recipes this week include Seared Trumpet Mushrooms with Garlic and Thyme, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Gourmet Mushroom Lasagna, and Traditional Szechuan Stir-Fried Mushrooms. And remember, if all of this is too much, a simple saute with butter, salt and pepper is really all that’s needed to enjoy these mushrooms on their own, or topping whatever you choose!

Optimal Care and Keeping of your Mushrooms

Check out these FAQs, courtesy of Mycopia and up your gourmet mushroom game:

How should I store mushrooms?  Store in the coldest part of your refrigerator. After opening the basket or container, store any unused mushrooms in a brown paper bag.

There is condensation inside my bag or package. Is this bad? Condensation alone is not a problem. It is the mushroom’s way of coping with changes in its environment.

How do I clean my mushrooms? Our cultivated mushrooms are organically grown on a substrate of sterilized sawdust. Do not rinse with water as this is not necessary and will change the texture of the mushrooms. Simply trim the very bottom (where a little sawdust may still cling) and they are ready for use.We ship them in clusters because it keeps them fresher.

There is white fuzz on my mushrooms. Is this mold? This is probably not mold. Some varieties, usually Alba or Brown Clamshell will begin growing mycelium, especially if they have been allowed to get warm. These fine, white threads are actually the mushroom beginning to grow again as it might in nature. The mycelium tastes like the mushroom and is not dangerous. Mold on mushrooms is more likely to be pink, yellow, blue-green or black. Please call us with any questions regarding mushroom quality.

How long will the mushrooms last? Depending on storage conditions the mushrooms will last between a week and ten days. The longest expected life will be for the Trumpet Royale; the shortest is for the Velvet Pioppini.

Do wood-grown specialty mushrooms require cleaning? Our cultivated mushrooms are organically grown on a substrate of sterilized sawdust. They do not need to be cleaned before use. We ship them in clusters because it keeps them fresher. Trim the very bottom where a little sawdust may still cling and they are ready for use.

The Clamshell mushrooms taste bitter. Is this normal? Some people are particularly sensitive to an astringent flavor in both the Alba and Brown Clamshell mushrooms, others find this flavor sharp, but interesting. If you prefer a milder flavor, blanch the mushrooms for two minutes in lightly salted boiling water. The mushrooms can then be used immediately, or cooled and refrigerated for up to three days.

No matter how you choose to enjoy them, mushrooms are delicious, nutritious, and maybe even better for you than we currently know. We hope you will join us in celebrating the magic of mushrooms this week at Oliver’s.

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