Mom’s Day – Her Way!

We all know that the average mother schedules the majority of her time around the needs of others. Mother’s Day is a great day to change things up and do what she wants to do.

At Oliver’s, we are all about offering choices and selection to our customers. We have all kinds of ideas for Mother’s Day options that don’t involve busy restaurants and crowds. And this year, we took our research up a notch and asked actual Moms who work for Oliver’s what was on their Mother’s Day wish list. See their great list of ideas as well as all of the classic Mother’s Day suggestions, all featured this week at special prices.

Whether you want to create a special breakfast or brunch, create a memorable Sonoma County picnic, pick up one of our “Mom Picks”, or create a decadent Surf & Turf dinner, we are bringing you special sales on everything you need to celebrate Mom in style. And don’t forget that we have fantastic gifts, cards, and flowers, too, so while you are picking up your groceries at Oliver’s, you can save yourself another stop!


Note: All quoted prices are in effect from May 8-14, 2024 at all four Oliver’s Market locations in Sonoma County.

What A Mom Wants

Here they are! Actual Mother’s Day picks from Oliver’s Market Moms. Maybe one of these items will also be perfect for the Mom or Mom-type person in your life?

Special Sips

Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay, 4 Pack/250 ml. Cans, $17.99+crv or Single 250 ml. Can $4.99+crv – LOCAL
“With so many choices in our wine department, my go-to is a delicious Chardonnay, and when I want to splurge, I go with Sonoma Cutrer! Yummy and Local.” – – Lisa Fulkerson, Corporate Point of Sale, Windsor

Proof Canned Cocktails, 4 Pack/250 ml. Cans, $13.99+crv or Single 250 ml. Can $3.49+crv
“I’m a big fan of a Ready-To-Drink Cocktail, and the Proof Canned Cocktails are a favorite of mine. Try the Paloma… I think you’ll love it!” – Lisa Fulkerson, Corporate Point of Sale, Windsor

Alexander Valley Vineyards Rosé, 2022, Sonoma County, 750 ml. Bottle $11.99+crv – LOCAL
“Packed with flavors of strawberry and peach, this crisp rose is the perfect treat for any hot day.” – Laurie Wintermeyer, Store Director, Windsor

Belvoir Farm Elderflower Lemonade, Selected Varieties. 25.4 oz. Bottle, $6.99+crv
“An organic refreshing drink with an elegant taste and not too sweet, I’m in!” – Nicole Williams, HR Trainer, Business Office

Breakfast Starters

Avid Coffee, Selected Varieties. 12 oz. Package $9.99 – LOCAL
Oliver’s Own Scones, Selected Varieties. 4 Count Package $4.99 – LOCAL
“If I’m getting breakfast in bed, just bring me an Oliver’s Own White Chocolate Raspberry Scone and some local Avid Coffee in my favorite mug, hold the cream and sugar. What a perfect way to start the day!” – Aubrey Ballinger, Corporate Graphics Manager, Business Office

First of the Season Brooks Cherries $5.99/Lb. Grown by Stemilt in Lodi or Stockton.
“Brook Cherries! Love sharing a big ole bowl of cherries with my mini me! Especially on Mother’s Day!” – Shirley Liu-Pasquin, Customer Service Specialist, All Locations

Savory and Delicious!

Fresh Tomales Bay Miyagi Oysters $1.50/Ea. USA Farmed.
“These are some of my favorite Oysters out there, and knowing they are raised practically in my own back yard, so I know they are fresh, makes them even better!” – Brenda Whitacre, Corporate Graphics Production Assistant, Business Office

Le Délice de Bourgogne $17.99/Lb.
“Hands down one of the best Bries in our Cheese Department. I like to pair it with the Effie’s Oatcakes and drizzle a little truffle honey on top. It pairs well with a buttery Chardonnay. There is nothing better than great cheese and wine!!!” – Lisa Hall, Corporate Point of Sale Manager, Windsor/Business Office

Pennyroyal Farm Laychee, 6 oz. Container, $8.99/Ea.
“The Pennyroyal Farm Laychee has such a wonderful lemony tang – it’s my favorite picnic treat, especially when spread on a hearty cracker and topped with sweet fruit preserves.” – – Aubrey Ballinger, Corporate Graphics Manager, Business Office

Bonne Maman Fruit Preserves, Selected Varieties. 12.7-13 oz. Jar $4.99
Rustic Bakery Artisan Crisps, Selected Varieties. 5 oz. Package $5.99 – LOCAL

Gifts and Sweet Endings

4 Inch Mini Roses $7.99 – While Supplies Last.
“As a single mom I think flowers are a good way to show thanks for how hard mothers work to provide for their children. And as a mom, my daughter is my world.” – Susan Haselwood, Front End Utility Clerk, Cotati

Oliver’s Own Passion Fruit Mousse Cake, 6 Inch Cake, $25.99 LOCAL
“The Passion Fruit Mousse Cake is my go-to dessert when available. I love the tartness of the passion fruit and highly recommended it if you like passion fruit!” – Victoria Lebowitz, Dairy Clerk, Windsor

Cakerie Inspired By Happiness Dreamin’ of Chocolate or Strawberry Cake, 16-19.4 oz. Package. $12.99 – Gluten Free
“Having a Gluten intolerance makes it hard to find a good dessert to grab off the shelf, but these cakes do the trick every time! They are so delicious my girls don’t even know (or care) that they are gluten free!” – Brenda Whitacre, Corporate Graphics Production Assistant, Business Office

Wellness Kittles Cat Treats, Selected Varieties. 2 oz. Package $1.29
“As a mom and ‘cat mom’, why not treat your family’s favorite felines for Mother’s Day? These USA-made natural treats are as tasty as they are healthy, and they clean your cats’ teeth, too!” – Sara Cummings, Corporate Public & Community Relations Coordinator

Sonoma County Regional Parks Pass $69 | Senior Pass: 62+ years $49
“I like to spend time outside and explore as many regional parks as possible. It’s a plus to get one night free camping at many of the parks and an entry to Tolay Festival during Fall!” – Gema Lopez, Wellness Manager, Cotati

Morning Celebrations

Breakfast or Brunch are naturals for Mother’s Day and Oliver’s has everything you need to serve up a memorable celebratory meal.

Let’s start with festive libations. In addition to we are featuring some great sparkling wines for Mimosas in this week’s ad, plus we rounded up this pretty and delicious Strawberry Sparkler recipe to get your celebration off to a great start.

Next comes some fresh, ripe berries, first crop cherries, or other fresh fruit perhaps a tasty green salad, some crusty local bread, and you can keep things easy and delicious with our house made Quiche or Scones, available in several varieties, or you can prepare this Savory Brunch Strata, OR this French Toast Bake with Berries to move your menu in a sweeter direction.

Dessert options from our Bakery department are fairly endless, but whether you choose individual desserts, or a house made Cake or Cheesecake, there is no bad option!

A Sonoma-Style Picnic

Pack a basket full of delicious and easy options (Don’t forget the wine opener!) and head out in any direction in Sonoma County. So many locations await, from beach to vineyards to Redwoods. The choice is hers!

Pro Tip: Check out the Mom Picks above, which include a Sonoma County Parks Pass, available at all Oliver’s locations. Enjoy our local parks with a gift for Mom that works all year long!

Grab delicious crackers and other accoutrements from our Gourmet Cheese department, including local, domestic or imported charcuteries and other cheeses. If you are seeking heartier picnic fare, how about a prepared salad or two and Panini sandwiches from our Deli? Add some beautiful strawberries, Oliver’s Own freshly baked cookies, or perhaps some locally made VOLO chocolate, and your picnic will have a sweet finish.

Mother’s Day Dinner

Dinner is also a great time to celebrate Mother’s Day, and avoiding restaurants on the busiest day of the year is a good strategy. Oliver’s has everything you need for your special dinner, whether you want to cook it all yourself, or prefer to grab a couple prepared items and focus on cooking just a few things yourself.

Featured this week at special pricing are our Oliver’s Choice 100% Angus Beef Filet Mignon and Wild Caught Lobster Tails. A perfect Surf & Turf dinner for Mom is in the bag! We also have recipes for Pan Seared Filet Mignon with Asparagus and Salmon with Lemon & Dill or Chicken Breasts with Lemon Caper Sauce if you want to do it all yourself and create something special for Mom.

Along with your favorite vegetable or salad, how about these timesaving options for another side dish: Grab our house-made Twice Baked Potatoes or Risotto Cakes from our Deli. We also have Oliver’s Own Soups galore, which make it easy to add a soup course to your meal: How about Crimini Mushroom or Carrot Ginger soup for a first course? Garnish with crème fraiche (or sour cream) and chives or a swirl of extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper.

No Mother’s Day celebration is complete without a decadent dessert. Stop by our Bakery and pick up Chocolate Decadence Bites or Cake, a Fruit topped Cheesecake, or elegant Frangipane Tart.  Spring is also a great time for a simple Blueberry Lemon Trifle made with fresh whipped cream, Lemon Curd, cubed Angel’s Food (or Pound) Cake and fresh berries or try this recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp!

One way or another, we hope you will find inspiration for celebrating Mother’s Day – and the women who helped you become who you are — with a memorable meal with a little help from Oliver’s Market. Cheers!


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