Discover What a Grill Wants — at Oliver’s!

This week at Oliver’s Market, we’re celebrating that favorite summer pastime, grilling! From the classic fare to some venturesome items to try cooking over the flame, our buying team has assembled a great selection of grill-ables – and everything that goes with them – at special pricing.

Toast the summer season of delicious outdoor cooking, with a little help from Oliver’s. Salud!

After a lot of what people referred to as “June Gloom”, we are fortunate to have some real Summer weather arriving in Sonoma County to kick off July. It’s the perfect excuse for a barbecue with friends and/or family, and the perfect opportunity to try something new with your grill.

We have some classic items featured for all of your traditional grilling needs at Oliver’s this week, but lo and behold, we also have some great ideas for venturing off the path into new grilling territory, complete with recipes! Without further ado, let’s check it out!

The Classics

Check your supplies and pick up anything you might need from this list of grilling essentials. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our ad for even more deals and remember that prices are in effect from July 5-11, 2023 at all four Sonoma County Oliver’s locations:

  • Oliver’s Prime Grade Boneless Rib Eye Steak, $19.99/lb.
  • Rosie Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. $8.99/Lb.
  • Fresh Wild Rock Cod Fillets. USA. Sustainability rated Green. $7.99/lb.
  • Organic Red Bell Peppers, Grown In Mexico, $2.99/lb.
  • Organic Zucchini, Grown By Tomatero In California, $1.69/lb.
  • Tillamook Shingle Sliced Cheese 8 oz. Package, $2.99
  • Kingsford Matchlight Briquets 12 lb. Bag, $10.99
  • Primal Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Ketchup, 11.3 oz. Bottle, $3.99
  • Organicville Organic Mustard, 12 oz. Bottle, $2.49
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. Selected Varieties. 18 oz. Bottle. $2.29
  • Kettle Brand Potato Chips, 5 oz. Bag, $2.29
  • Costeaux Baguette Sour or French, $3.49
  • Oliver’s Own Baked Potato Salad, $7.99/lb.
  • Oliver’s Own Caesar Salad, 12 oz. package. $7.99/Ea.
  • Seedless Watermelon, Grown In The USA, $5.99/ea.

We have a couple of great ideas for preparing the Rib Eye Steak with some veggies. How about Grilled Rib Eye with Grilled Veggies or Grilled Rib Eye with Sweet Pepper Relish?

The Beverage Station

Don’t forget plenty of cookout-friendly beverages, all at special savings this week!

  • Waterloo Sparkling Water, 12 pack/12 oz. Cans, $3.99
  • Santa Cruz Lemonade, 32 oz. Bottle, $1.99
  • Fever Tree Premium Mixers, 4 pack Bottles, $3.49
  • Homefire “Berry Farm” Red – 2017, Dry Creek Valley, $12.99
  • Château La Rose du Pin Entre-Deux-Mers – 2020, France, $8.99
  • The Copper Can Moscow Mule, 12 oz. Cans, $2.99
  • Salt Point Cape Cod – 12 oz. Cans $3.99
  • Firestone 6 pack/12 oz. Bottles and Cans – Selected Varieties, $8.99
  • New Belgium 6 pack/12 oz. Bottles – Selected Varieties, $9.99

Now to Jazz Things Up…

We have a couple of distinctive condiments and a locally prepared rub featured below, all recommended for taking your cooking up a notch.

We also have a couple of grill-able cheeses(!) to suggest this week: Greek Halloumi and a domestic cheese from Carr Valley created in the same style. Both of these cheeses possess an impressively high melting point, and can be cooked over direct heat. Gently brush with olive oil and throw it directly onto the grill! It holds its shape as it turns golden brown and is the perfect addition to kebabs or served with a touch of lemon juice for a salty snack. Here is another twist on Grilled Halloumi Cheese.

Last but certainly not least, we have fabulous Yellow and White Nectarines for $3.99Lb. this week. If you haven’t grilled a nectarine or peach, you are in for a treat!  We have some great recipes for Grilled Peach Crostini, Grilled Nectarine and Goat Cheese Crostini and Grilled Peaches (or Nectarines) with Mascarpone and Honey.

We even have a recipe for switching up the watermelon listed above with a recipe for Spicy Smoky Grilled Watermelon!

  • Stonewall Kitchen Aioli 10-10.25 oz. Jar, $4.99
  • Modenaceti Balsamic Glaze 6.76 oz. Bottle, $5.99
  • Chef Josef’s Spice Rubs 2.5-3 oz. Container, $5.99 LOCAL
  • Halloumi, $15.99/lb.
  • Carr Valley Bread Cheese $12.99/lb.
  • Yellow or White Nectarines $3.99/lb. Grown in California.

So, there you have it. From the traditional to the adventurous, we’ve got you covered this week at Oliver’s. We hope we have properly enticed you to toast the summer season of delicious outdoor cooking, and maybe even grill something new.







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