Celebrate Father’s Day in the Great Outdoors!

Everything’s S’more Fun With Dad!

This year at Oliver’s, we are looking at Father’s Day a little bit differently. As always, we are stocked up with all kinds of great gifts and treats for any kind of Father’s Day celebration you are creating, but wanted to focus on the special bonding and connection created by spending time outdoors, enjoying great food and drink with the special people in your life. Without all of the distractions of screens, noise, obligations, and plenty of fresh air, it’s easier to focus on great conversation, the meal itself, and really enjoy the experience – and memories — you are making.

Note: Special kudos to the kids of Oliver’s Market employees who contributed to our Father’s Day posters this year!

Deals for Dad!

Planning a celebration meal starts with your protein or mains and we have a great selection of options at special prices this week. Grill chicken, steak, burgers, salmon, or hot dogs and your celebration is off to a great start! (Note: All prices in effect through June 18, 2024 at all four Sonoma County Oliver’s Market locations.)
Rocky Air Chilled Split Bone-In Chicken Breast, $3.99/lb.
Oliver’s Choice 100% Angus New York Steak, $14.99/lb.
Oliver’s Choice 100% Angus Plain Burger Patties, 4 pack, $7.99/lb.
Wild Coho Salmon Steaks, Previously Frozen, USA, Green, $12.99/lb.
St. Pierre Hamburger Buns, Plain or Seeded, 7-8.8 oz. Package, $4.99
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, Selected Varieties, 15 oz. Package, $4.29
Ball Park Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns, 8 Count Package, $2.99

In addition to the Mains, here are all of the sides and supplies you need to get this event fully set up.
Clover Sonoma European Style Butter, 8 oz. Package, 2 for $7 LOCAL
Kinder’s Spice Rubs, 5-6.25 oz. Container, $3.99
Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal, 6.7 lb. Bag, $6.49
Annie’s Ketchup, 24 oz. Bottle, $2.99
Maille Mustard, 7.3-8.11 oz. Jar, $3.49
Siete Maiz Corn Tortilla Chips, 7.5 oz. Bag, $3.49
Oliver’s Own Spinach Dip, 8 oz. Container $3.99; 16 oz. Container, $7.99
Oliver’s Own Smoked Mozzarella Salad, 1 Lb. Package $6.99 (Found in our Chef’s Case.)
Oliver’s Own Baked Potato Salad 1 Lb Package $8.99; 8 oz. Package $4.99 (Found in our self-service Grab & Go.)
Local Parsons Homegrown Beefsteak Tomatoes, Grown in Fulton, CA, $3.99/lb.
White Corn, Grown in Southern California by Majesty, $0.59/ea.
Avocados, Grown in San Diego, CA, $1.49/ea.
Asparagus, Grown in Mexico, $2.99/lb.
Organic Bunched Basil, Grown by Tomatero in Watsonville, CA, $1.99/ea.

Recipe Inspiration

Need some ideas? This week, we rounded up some great ideas using featured ingredients, including Grilled Steak & Asparagus, Lemon Dill Salmon, Pineapple Chicken Foil Packets, and Banana Smores.

The Beverage Station

No matter what kind of Dad you have, Oliver’s has you covered in the beverage department. We have some Dad-themed drinks, along with great choices ranging from non-alcoholic, to beer, wine, ready to drink cocktails, and more. And don’t forget our month-long “In Good Spirits” feature on Rum.

  • La Croix Sparkling Water, 8 pack/12 oz. Cans, $2.99+CRV
  • Copper Can Canned Cocktails, Selected Varieties, 12 oz. Can, $2.99+CRV
  • Proof Canned Cocktails, Selected Varieties, 4 pack/12 oz. Cans, $14.99+CRV; 250ml Can, $3.99+CRV
  • Chalk Hill Chardonnay, 2022 Sonoma Coast, $15.99+CRV – LOCAL
  • Angels & Cowboys Rosé, 2023 Sonoma County, $14.99+CRV – LOCAL
  • Trentadue Old Patch Red, 2021 California, $12.99+CRV – LOCAL
  • Happy Dad Seltzers, Selected Varieties, 12 pack/12 oz. Cans, $15.99+CRV
  • Henhouse, Selected Varieties, 12 pack/12 oz. Cans, $17.99+CRV LOCAL
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon, 18 pack/12 oz. Cans, $11.99+CRV
  • Suntory Toky Whisky, 750ml Bottle, $28.99+CRV

Don’t Forget Dessert

Check out the many delicious offerings in our Bakery Department, or go for classic S’Mores, ice cream, or watermelon!

  • Honey Maid Graham Crackers, 14.4 oz. Package, $3.79
  • Jet Puffed Marshmallows, 12 oz. Package, $1.79
  • Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar. Selected Varieties. 6.35 oz. Bar $3.99 – REV
  • Milk Bar Ice Cream, Selected Varieties, 14 oz. Container, REV, $4.99
  • Seedless Watermelon, Grown in California, $4.99/ea

Charcuterie for Dad

Maybe your idea of a meal outdoors is a spread of delicious charcuterie on your patio, and we hear you and have you covered!  We have some featured items in our Gourmet Cheese Department that would take a cheese board to the next level. If you need assistance rounding out your board, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our experienced team of cheese mongers who are standing by, ready to assist.

Olli Artisan Salami, Selected Varieties, 6 oz. Package, $11.99/ea.”
Sourced from local ranchers, Olli Salumeria begins with the best heritage breeds of Berkshire and Mangolista pigs. The pasture-raised hogs are fed only a vegetarian diet and raised to maturity with the quality of the meat being the highest priority. Their salumi is slow-cured the artisanal way using 160-year-old family recipes handed down to 4th generation Italian Salumiere, Oliviero “Olli” Colmigno.”

Stompetoren Grand Cru Aged Gouda, $15.99/lb.
This amber-hued Grand Cru Gouda is aged 18 months, the dense and creamy paste is scattered with tyrosine crystals giving the cheese that signature crunch on the palate.  The honey gold paste is rich, sweet, and buttery with notes of butterscotch.

Jasper Hill Farm Harbison, $29.99/lb.
Harbison is a bark-wrapped bloomy-rind cheese with woodsy, sweet, herbal, and bright flavors. The bark, cut from Jasper Hill Farm’s woodlands holds the delicate cheese together, provides flavor to the creamy paste and allows for an ideal presentation as the centerpiece of a cheese plate.  When ripe, the paste is best scooped, like a dreamy pudding.  

Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue $25.99/lb.
“A long, gentle cold-smoking over Oregon hazelnut shells infuses Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue with an added layer of flavor and terroir.”

Milton Creamery 4 Alarm Cheddar $9.99/LB
Made with a blend of chili, chipotle, jalapeno, and ghost peppers, 4 Alarm Cheddar packs just enough heat on the finish for all the spice lovers out there.

Rustic Bakery Organic Sourdough Flatbread, 5 oz. Package. $5.99/ea. – LOCAL
Locally produced and made from clean ingredients, Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbreads are a great foundation to your perfect bite.

Father figures come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be your dad, stepdad, brother, grandfather, uncle, or family friend.  Sharing a meal together, from a simple picnic or backyard barbecue to a meal made over the fire while camping can help create lasting memories with ‘dad’, no matter what you call him. It’s about the laughter, stories, and time spent together.

We invite you to make this Father’s Day special by savoring good food and each other’s company in the great outdoors, with a little help from Oliver’s Market.


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