Real Food, Real People®: Unique Staff Favorites at Oliver’s

We believe our employees are the backbone of our business, and we know that no one knows our products better than the people who work with them every single day. So, when one of our people says you should try something, we know we need to listen because they’re probably right! Whether it’s helping you choose the perfect beverage to go with lunch, finding just the right cheese to impress your party guests, or maybe just helping you feel your best and brightest, the Oliver’s team knows exactly what will do the trick. Check out some of our staff’s unique and fabulous favorites, then take advantage of these special prices and try them for yourself!

*Prices good through 2/11/20

No matter which of our stores you go to, you know you’re going to find superior products with matching superior service. Just go to any department and mention you’re looking for something, and we guarantee someone will not only know what you’re looking for but know the best version for you to try. We value the opinions of our employees – when they say you should tryy something, we believe it! So when we asked our buyers and coordinators what their top unique picks were at Oliver’s, we paid close attention to their answers, and now we’re passing on that key information to you. Some of these items are unique because they’re funky, niche products that you couldn’t find anywhere else, but some are unique because their quality sets them apart from the crowd.

What kind of unique items will YOU fall in love with?

Oliver’s Choice 100% Angus Hanger Steaks

Todd Davis – Meat & Seafood Coordinator ($9.99/lb.)

“Popular in Europe, hanger steak is often seen on a French bistro menu listed as onglet; you may also hear it referred to as ‘skirt’ in the UK, lombatello in Italy, and solomillo de pulmón in Spain. In the U.S. it might be labeled as “hanging tenderloin” or “hanging tender” due to its location on the steer.”

Oliver’s Own Cookies

Marghi Sulas – Bakery Coordinator ($4.99/ea, Selected Varieties)

“Oliver’s Own Cookies Are one of my favorite items in the Oliver’s Bakery. They are unique to our stores, made from scratch with high quality ingredients and freshly baked daily. With eight flavors to choose from, we have a cookie for every taste bud.”

Cabra Al Gofio

Emily O’Connor – Gourmet Cheese Coordinator ($15.99/lb)

“Take a culinary tour just off the coast of Morocco on the sunny island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Cheese makers turn the fresh milk of the Majorero goats into this lovely little round of semi-firm cheese. Following traditional methods the wheels are coated with “Gofio” a toasted cornmeal flour that penetrates the paste and mingles with the sweetness of the goat’s milk. The delicious result is a toasty sweet cheese with a smooth creamy texture accented by the slight crunch of the finely ground corn flour.”

Oliver’s Own Salsas

James Schwedhelm – Deli Coordinator ($2.99/8oz Tubs, $4.99/16oz Tubs, Selected Varieties)

“Oliver’s Own Salsa. Our selection of house made salsas are an item that truly sets us apart from the competition. They’re unique recipes to Oliver’s and also represent what we strive for as a company. These recipes were developed by a couple of employees that helped launch our taqueria years ago. They have now been with our company over 20 years. It’s this type of team involvement that makes Oliver’s so unique. You don’t have to be a Deli Manager or Executive Chef to have your voice heard and your ideas implemented. We’re an all-inclusive team at all levels. That’s what really makes up Real Food, Real People.”

Sumbody Skincare

Jacob Peters – Wellness Coordinator (20% Off)

“Sumbody, headquartered in Sebastopol, is a total approach for the total you. Debbi Burnes, CEO and co-founder, focuses on creating natural skincare products with effective ingredients that are accessible to everyone. We love this line not only because it’s local, but because these products benefit your skin without damaging the environment—and there’s always sumthing fun and new to try!”

Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

Richard Williams – Corporate Wine & Spirits Buyer ($15.99/375ml Bottle)

“This is really great stuff! An all-natural blend of cognac, ginger, honey, and vanilla, there is no limit to what you can do with it. Beyond the many cocktails, try it in baking, or even poured over some vanilla ice cream! Yum!”

Organic Maitake Frondosa Mushrooms

Mike Peterson – Produce Coordinator ($7.99/lb)

Grown by Mycopia Mushrooms in Sebastopol, CA. “I love these local, organic, Maitake mushrooms! They’re grown just down the road in Sebastopol. They make an excellent substitute for Pulled Pork in a slider.”


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