Let’s Do Brunch!

Summer in Sonoma County is the perfect time to host a brunch for your family and friends. Who knew that combining breakfast and lunch into a late-morning or midday meal could be so inviting? Aside from pure deliciousness, brunch is a great repast to share for so many reasons: it’s easy to prepare, it comes with its own traditional cocktails(!), and it can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose. It’s also easy to assign dishes or drinks and easily assemble a memorable – and relatively easy – celebration with great food and friends.

We are celebrating all things “Brunch” this week at Oliver’s, both in terms of key ingredients featured at special prices AND some house-tested recipes that will get you off to a great start in planning your menu.

Please note: All prices good from August 24-30 at all four Oliver’s Market locations.

Brunch Planning Basics

  • A well-rounded brunch menu will include cut fruit or fruit salad, an egg-based dish, a sweet dish and/or pastry, some great brunch beverages, and possibly additional cured meat or fish (Hello, Bacon! Hi there, Lox!). A potato-based dish is also a great addition, as is a fresh green salad. When you put it all together, there truly is something for everyone to love, and all of the foods easily share a plate.
  • Many brunch dishes, such as breakfast casseroles or French toast bakes, can be prepared the evening before and baked the next morning. You can also easily prep fruit, salad, or these delicious Mango Coconut Granola Parfaits, the night before your event.
  • Brunch beverages such as Mimosas can be set up at a station where guests serve themselves, and can be upgraded easily with a couple of extra types of juice and fruit garnishes for guests to choose from. Bloody Mary recipes can be made in a pitcher for easy service, and then guests can choose their garnishes.
  • Make a simple buffet set-up outdoors with colorful napkins and linens. Add some background music, a lawn game or two, and you are ready to go! Especially if you assign dishes, once you have your service planned, you can sit back and enjoy the great food, friends, and the day.


While a platter of Lox and Bagels, Quiche, or a fruit salad are easy to pick up, there are also plenty of great things you can cook. How about taking basic pancakes or waffles up a big notch with these recipes for Waffles with Cinnamon Honey Butter or Mini Pancake Stacks? And this time of year, you can enjoy a brunch-style take on the Heirloom BLT with BLT Breakfast Sandwiches. If you don’t already have a go-to recipe for Mimosas or Bloody Marys, we have you covered!

With an endless list of menu possibilities, Brunch is easy, casual, fun, and always delicious! Gather some friends, find some inspiration, and have a memorable Sonoma County-style summer Brunch, with a little help from Oliver’s.

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