Getting Beyond Plastic

This week at Oliver’s we are focused on products and packaging that provide better options for our dear Mother Earth. Check out our ad to learn more.

Note: All prices good from August 17-23, 2022 at all four Oliver’s Market locations.

New generations of consumers are asking for more sustainable options from producers and manufacturers than ever before, which gently pushes them toward innovation and better solutions for everyone. For example, consumer pressure has led glass manufacturers to produce lighter weight wine bottles, reducing energy and resources needed to produce, pack, and ship them. Beverage producers are moving beyond basic plastic bottles, to offer alternative packaging, or at the very least, bottles made from recycled plastic. Even beverage giant Coca Cola made news headlines last week when they announced that all plastic bottles would be uncolored in the future, making them more recyclable.

It can be daunting to make all-or-nothing sustainability goals, as they only increase the odds that one might throw hands in the air and decide it’s all just too difficult. But, similar to adopting a healthier diet or learning a new habit, small changes can add up and make a big difference over time.

Our weekly ad highlights alternatives to the typical plastic water bottle and other plastic packaging. While plastic water bottles and other packaging are an easy convenience, there are packaging alternatives that are better for the environment, require fewer resources to produce, reduce our carbon footprint, or are designed for reuse. Check out our lobby displays for innovative new cardboard, glass and aluminum alternatives, many of which are reusable. Many of us carry a reusable water bottle much of the time, but occasions arise where a good alternative is needed. Check out our collection of options and find a new favorite!

Mike Peterson, our Produce Coordinator, challenged one of our largest grape growers to deliver their organic grapes in a sustainable package. After some trial and error, we now have grapes featured this week in a recyclable or reusable cardboard ‘basket’ instead of perforated plastic bags. Watch for our tomatoes packaged this way, too! If you pick up some of these delicious grapes, we have you covered with great ways to use them. How about a fresh take on Chicken Salad, a Grape Salsa, or a savory Roasted Sausage with Grapes and Onions?

We don’t like to be preachy here at Oliver’s, as we believe that everyone can and should make choices for themselves about what they choose to buy, eat, and drink. But if you are motivated to look at the packaging you purchase and consider small changes, here are some easy ideas that will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Challenge yourself to find the best packaging option for foods you buy most often
  • Whenever possible, use a reusable cup or bottle for water and drinks.
  • Carry your own re-usable produce and grocery bags when you shop, or if you must use a store produce or grocery bag, opt for paper.
  • Purchase products in bulk to reduce waste and packaging use. Purchase only what you need, and you can opt to use a clean, reusable container for your purchases!
  • Save money and reduce waste by planning shopping and cooking to use as much of the food you purchase as possible. If food does need to be tossed, always direct it to the Compost bin and not the regular trash.
  • Invest in a good set of reusable sandwich and food bags and wraps to reduce your use of single use plastic wrap.

It’s a great time to think beyond plastic and consider what works best for you. Even if you pick just one new habit, it can make a huge difference over time. No change is too small.

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