Business With Heart – Building a Bridge from Profit to Purpose

This week at Oliver’s, we are honoring the companies who not only produce great products, but make a commitment to ongoing philanthropic work as part of their business plan.

It’s kind of a nice idea to think that when you shop at Oliver’s you are supporting our local economy, many local businesses, and our tax base. And, if you are signed up for our Community Card, three percent of every purchase can be benefiting your school or charity of choice. Layer onto that buying products that give back to various charities, and you are at a new level of socially conscious shopping! A true trifecta is achieved!

From food producers to wineries, breweries and even wellness product producers, these companies not only offer high-quality goods, but they also have a mission to create a positive impact on society. From supporting charities to implementing sustainable practices, philanthropic companies are leading the way in ethical business practices. By choosing to purchase from these companies, you can be supporting causes of your choosing each and every time you shop. One purchase at a time, we can make a positive impact and create a better world for everyone.

Note: All featured pricing is in effect from March 22-28, 2023 at all four Sonoma County Oliver’s Market locations.

Here is a sampling of our featured products and some information about how they choose to make a difference through philanthropy. There are a wide range of ways that companies choose to give back, and while you may be familiar with some of them, we hope you will discover some new ways you can support the greater good every time you shop. Watch for our “Business with Heart” logo in our ad and on store signage to help you spot these products.

Newman’s Own Salad Dressing, Selected Varieties, 16 oz. Bottle, $3.99

When Newman’s Own first began, actor Paul Newman declared that 100% of the profits would go to good causes. The mission continues today through Newman’s Own Foundation. In total, more than $600 million has been donated to good causes since 1982.

Dave’s Killer Bread, Selected Varieties, 18-27 oz. Loaf, $5.49

The Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation’s goal is to increase sustainable employment opportunities for people who have conviction histories by inspiring and equipping employers to adopt second chance hiring practices (also known as “fair chance” hiring.) The company has long prioritized leading by example; nearly one-third of its employees have felony convictions—including co-founder Dave Dahl. The foundation has produced events, provided training, tools, and resources guiding hundreds of employers to hire people with records.

Oliver’s Own Salad Bar, $10.99/lb.

At Oliver’s Market we’re proud to partner with World Centric for a lot of our packaging needs. Our goals and mission align very closely to how we’d like to see our world evolve. World Centric gives 25% of their profits to social and environmental organizations to help further their work in creating a better world for all. With the profits from 2021, World Centric was able to provide 22 grants to 15 non-profits. The grants focus on providing basic needs, as well as economic and community development for communities experiencing extreme poverty. Those 22 grants totaled $1,177,563 for non-profits worldwide.

Endangered Species Chocolate, Selected Varieties, 3 oz. Bar, $1.99

“Endangered Species Chocolate is passionate about redeeming typical business practices into ‘doing good better’ that leaves a positive and lasting ripple in our wake. We love the truly delicious products we create, and we’re on a mission to seed joy through abundant giving. By donating 10% of net profits to impactful organizations and initiatives, they can continue in their amazing work to improve our world every day.”

PYM Mood Chews, Selected Varieties, 20 Count Tin, $11.99

“PYM’s mission is to provide safe and effective stress and anxiety relief products while building a movement to support mental health. We believe in community, advocacy, and giving back. We work with several mental health organizations to give back a portion of our proceeds each quarter.”

Cline Syrah – 2019, Sonoma Coast, 750ml Bottle, $11.99

Cline Cellars is a family-owned vineyard and winery in Sonoma County, California, and a favorite among staff and customers alike. The family business is situated on a historic 350-acre estate where they sustainably farm and craft Single Vineyard, Sonoma County, Ancient Vine and California wines. Cline proudly supports a number of philanthropies including the Susan G, Komen Foundation, having donated $350,000.00 since 2005.

Rubicon Bakers Vegan Cupcakes, Selected Varieties, 10 oz. Package, $5.99

“Rubicon Bakers was founded in 1993 and for nearly 30 years we have helped transform lives by employing, training, and empowering people who need a second chance. Many of our employees have experienced significant barriers to employment, including housing insecurity, incarceration, substance use disorders, and other systemic challenges. We provide employment so they can turn their lives around.”

Organic Fennel, Grown by County Line South via F.E.E.D. Cooperative, $1.99/lb.

“Since 2011 F.E.E.D. Cooperative has been cultivating a network of buyers in the North Bay Area, enabling the farm community to distribute their produce with ease to restaurants, businesses, and home consumers alike. Access to reliable and varied distribution channels creates a more resilient food system for our farmers and increases food security within our community. F.E.E.D. Cooperative also partners with Farm to Pantry, an organization who works to bring together our communities to end food injustice and reverse global warming by rescuing and sharing locally-grown food with those who have been systematically marginalized.”

Need ideas for cooking fennel? How about this one for Roasted Fennel with Garlic and Herbs?

And There’s More!

So many inspiring products and missions are reflected in these products, but there are more companies making a difference than we can cover in one feature. Here are some other philanthropically focused companies and featured items you might want to check out this week at Oliver’s Market this week:

  • Annie’s Organic Soups, Selected Varieties, 14 oz. Can, $2.99
  • King Arthur Flour, Selected Varieties,5 lb. Bag, $4.99
  • Lotus Ramen Noodles, Selected Varieties, 2.8 oz. Package, $1.29
  • Newman’s Own Organic Popcorn, Selected Varieties,3 Count Box, $2.49

Check out this recipe to use with your popcorn, too!

  • Moon Valley Organics Beeswax Lip Balm, Selected Varieties, 0.15 oz. Tube, $00.00
  • All Good Goop, 2 oz. Jar, $00.00
  • Aqua Biome Omega 3 Classic Strength, 60 Count Bottle, $00.00
  • Rodney Strong Rosé of Pinot Noir – 2021, Sonoma Coast, 750ml Bottle, $11.99
  • Stoli Vodka “Ukraine Bottle” – 750 ml., $11.99
  • Deschutes, 6 pack/12 oz. Bottles and Cans, Selected Varieties, $8.99+CRV

And More!

Additionally, 90% of the items featured in the Wine, Spirits and Beer sections are produced by companies who give back to the community. Check out the full list here.

Don’t miss this week’s specials at Oliver’s, watch for the “Business with Heart” logo in our weekly ad and throughout the store. You can feel extra good about saving some money and making a difference through the purchase of these products.








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