Redefining “One Pot Wonder”: Spotlighting CBD Supplements at Oliver’s

At the risk of being blunt, we at Oliver’s have always had a soft spot for all things green, and we’re not the only ones! It seems like you can infuse almost anything with cannabis these days – everything from topical creams to kombucha are getting the 420 treatment. This week, stop by Oliver’s and check out some of our favorite CBD supplements, including Shikai’s entire line of CBD-infused creams! With high concentrations and quality ingredients, we’re not just blowing smoke when they say they’re the best. Keep reading for a look at just what makes these lotions so great!

*Prices good through 1/14/20.

This week, in keeping with our theme of Healthiest You, we’re bringing in the big guns – guys, have you ever heard of CBD? Yes, it’s the canna-sensation that’s sweeping nation, and now that CBD has come to Oliver’s, it’s a wonder we never had it in the first place! From tinctures to lotions and everything in between, we’re climbing into the CBD boat and never climbing out.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is only the latest trend in the tidal wave that is cannabis popularity, but cannabis is nothing new – human societies have been cultivating and consuming cannabis for millennia. The earliest records of cannabis cultivation come from Asia, the oldest of which can be dated to almost 12,000 years ago. Psychoactive cannabis (a.k.a. cannabis that gets you high) was grown for medicinal and spiritual purposes while non-psychoactive cannabis (a.k.a hemp) was grown for practical use, and there are persistent legends in China and elsewhere surrounding the consumption of cannabis by everyone from peasants to emperors. Gradually, cannabis spread out from Central Asia into India and other parts of the subcontinent, eventually spreading through the Middle East up into Europe and across the ocean into the Americas and Africa. And it wasn’t just psychoactive cannabis, hemp was also conquering the world – hemp’s quick-growing nature and durable fibers made it ideal for producing everything from textiles to food, and there are well-documented records of notable hemp farmers around the world including some of our Founding Fathers. In the 1830’s, British doctors studying in India noted cannabis’s usefulness in easing vomiting and other digestive complaints in patients with cholera; it was so effective that by the late 1800’s, it had become a pharmacy staple in Europe and the US.

Unfortunately, by the 1930’s, attitudes towards cannabis had begun to change, and by the 1970’s it had gone from a profitable and practical crop to a Schedule 1 drug, the same classification as narcotics like heroin and LSD. Why this happened is a complex tale of racism, communism, and good old-fashioned ignorance, but that’s a story for another time. The point is that, by the mid-20th century, cannabis had been thoroughly stripped of its associations with medicine and healing and, for the first time in human history, was criminalized. It would take another 20 years for medicinal acceptance of cannabis to slowly begin peeking its head out of the soil again and nearly 30 years after that for recreational cannabis to mainstream. With this gradual de-stigmatization has come a renewed interest in the science of cannabis, which in turn has led to revolutionary treatments for conditions such as glaucoma, epilepsy, and ironically, addiction. People are finally starting to turn the spotlight on CBD, and the effect has been massive.

CBD is what is known as a cannabinoid, a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Like all cannabinoids, it works by binding to protein receptors in the brain, causing changes in the way neurons interact in those specific regions; for a full look at the science behind CBD and cannabis in general, take a look at our companion blog here. To keep a long story short, CBD is not psychoactive like THC, though it does interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body through the same mechanisms, and it is completely non-addictive. CBD has shown tremendous promise particularly as an anti-seizure, but it also as an anti-anxiety, an anti-inflammatory, and even as an anti-psychotic. Shikai has taken advantage of CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties in their line of locally made, CBD-infused topicals; whether you’re dealing with chronic pain and inflammation or just looking to relieve muscle tension, Shikai’s THC-free CBD creams make an easy addition to anyone’s routine. Check out their full line below, then stop by to try them for yourself!

Shikai CBD Cream

($21.99, 2 oz. Tub)

Shikai’s original CBD product! This cream blends 250 milligrams of THC-free CBD concentrate with a rich avocado oil and shea butter base. It is best used for treating discomfort in targeted areas.

Shikai Borage CBD Cream

($21.99, 2 oz. Tub)

This formula takes the original CBD Cream formula and enriches it with the addition of Borage oil. Borage oil is an intensive moisturizer high in Omega-6 oils that addresses the fundamental cause of dry skin. It’s perfect for targeting discomfort while also moisturizing dry skin.

Shikai CBD Mentholated Cream

($21.99, 3 oz. Tube)

This mentholated cream take the CBD cream formula and adds Camphor and menthol for a cooling sensation. Perfect for soothing muscles and joints after a workout. Each tube contains 375 milligrams of CBD.

Shikai CBD Body Lotion

($36.99, 6 oz. Bottle)

CBD Body Lotion contains 750 milligrams of THC-free CBD concentrate in a non-greasy, Aloe Vera lotion base. This product is designed to be easily applied and spread over larger areas. Great for relieving general muscle tension.

Shikai CBD Trial Size

($7.49, 0.8 oz. Tube)

If you’re not sure which formular might be right for you or you’re just looking for some convenient for on-the-go, Shikai offers three of their formulas in trial sizes.


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