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Spring is here, and with it comes warm weather, clear skies, and Oliver’s Real Everyday Values Quarter 2 flyer! Every three months, we stack our REV flyer with the best savings on the finest products we have to offer, and this quarter, we’ve packed it with everything you need to achieve total picnic perfection. Whether you’re serious about your outdoor grilling, an adventurous eater planning a plant-based picnic revolution, or just someone looking to relax in nature with the perfect finger foods, let Oliver’s help you put together a picnic basket with a culinary punch that won’t break the bank. Check it out, and Spring into REV!

*Prices valid through July 1, 2021. Offer applicable to Selected Varieties.

With birds back in the trees and fresh green grass bursting from the ground, Spring is the time when we stretch our limbs and launch our wintery bodies into nature. One of our very favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors is with a good, old-fashioned picnic – what can beat a delicious meal served under the Sonoma County sky, especially with all the fresh new deals in Oliver’s Quarter 2 Real Everyday Values flyer! Our REV flyer is always packed with three months of savings, but this quarter, we’ve really gotten in the swing of Spring with fabulous picnic products to suit every palate.

The word “picnic” comes from the French “pique-nique”, which can be roughly translated to “small pick”. It’s thought that the phrase was originally meant to be wholly ironic, as the event it referenced usually involved a relatively extravagant meal, drinking, dancing, and occasionally even a show. It was essentially an early, fashionable form of what we would recognize as a kind of potluck – guests would each contribute to a meal that was then enjoyed by the group, while hosts would take great pains to out-do one another in terms of entertainment. It took another couple centuries and a jump to England and the USA before the picnic made its way outdoors, but once it did, it quickly became the favorite way for working class folks to relax in nature. A scenic picnic in the countryside was the perfect way to escape a crowded city and shake off the stress of work, and it still is!

This week, we’ve combed through Quarter 2’s Real Everyday Values to find the perfect picnic basket items to suit every taste and every budget. Whether you’re planning on getting a little lost or just enjoying the backyard, there’s no time like the present to head out into nature. Grab your favorite picnic blanket, load up the cooler with ice, and let’s get to picnicking – just don’t forget your REV flyer!

A La Française

Since France is the home of the original picnic, we thought it was only fitting to start with a picnic basket bursting with that certain je ne sais quoi! Pack yourself the perfect picnic cheeseboard with delicious Sweet Grass Dairy Thomasville Tomme ($13.99/lb), Beecher’s Handmade Flagship Cheese ($14.99/lb), and all-natural charcuterie meats from Niman Ranch ($3.99/ea). The French farmhouse-style Tomme is the perfect contrast Beecher’s creamy Flagship Cheese, and we love the bite of salt and rich flavor from any of Niman’s fabulous charcuterie meats. Bring along a bag of Wonderful Roasted, Salted, and Shelled Pistachios ($5.99/ea) for even more protein and to add a bit of salty crunch. We also love the gluten-free crisps from 34 Degrees ($3.49/ea) – with their light flavor and perfect crispy crunch, they’re ideal for enjoying cheese outdoors! Plus, with a bottle of Rosé from Domaine Bousquet ($7.99/ea) to wash it all, there’s really no going wrong.

To round everything out, it’s always important to have something sweet. Add a bit of figgy fruit flavor to every bite with Divina Fig Spreads ($3.89/ea), or opt for a luxurious dessert instead and try some of the ready-to-bake pastries from Boulangerie Solignac ($6.99/ea). These classic French pastries are as authentic as they get, and with three delicious options to choose from, they make the perfect end to our fête!

The All-American

If you like your picnics dipped in classic red, white, and blue, then you’ve come to the right place. Whip up your favorite salad sandwiches in no-time with freshly made deli options like Oliver’s Own Egg Salad ($4.99/lb) or Oliver’s Own Rocky Chicken Salad ($7.99/lb); they’re perfect piled high between tender slices of Artisan Bakers’ Organic Bread ($3.49/ea). If you’re more into the meats and cheeses, swap the salads for Boar’s Head Beechwood Smoked Black Forest Ham ($9.99/lb) and Tillamook Medium Cheddar ($6.99/lb), always sliced to-order in our Deli! Any classic picnic is going to require something crunchy, and we think the selection of thick-cut potato chips from Spudlove Organic ($2.49) are just the ticket!

Keep the kids happy with squeezably fun GoGo Squeez Organic Apple Sauce pouches ($2.99), or be the life of the picnic-party with a fresh pack of Newman’s Own Newman O’s Cookies ($3.99/ea). Lastly, we can’t forget the libations! You really can’t beat an ice-cold beer sipped in the sunshine, especially when it’s Tremor’s California Light Lager ($11.99+CRV). Of course, there’s no need to imbibe to enjoy a fun picnic beverage. Instead, check out great non-alcoholic options like Nixie Organic Sparkling Waters ($3.99+CRV), or go local with 32-ounce bottles of Oliver’s Own Organic Apple Juice ($3.49+CRV)! No matter how you slice it, you’ll be in be for some classic picnic fun in the sun!

Plant-Based Grill Magic

To those among us who love being vegan but still want the full picnic experience: this one’s for you! REV makes it easy to enjoy your very own plant-based picnic and still grill it up with the best. Starting with sides, we love a gluten-free pasta salad made with any of Explore Cuisine’s Organic Gluten-Free Pastas ($3.49/ea)! Try it loaded with florets of Organic Broccoli ($2.49/lb) and slices of organic Nebrodini Mushrooms from Mycopia ($9.99/lb), then toss the whole thing in your favorite Annie’s Organic Dressing ($2.99/ea). If something crunchy is more your bag, live adventurously with Gimme Organic Premium Seaweed snacks ($0.99/ea), or achieve maximum crisp with Good Roots Lotus Chips ($3.49). To add some sweetness, make sure you grab a couple of Oliver’s Fresh-Cut Seasonal Assorted “Munch-Kin” Fruit packs ($3.99/ea), which are always made fresh in-house.

For the grand finale, we feel it pays to have options! If making lunch beforehand is more your speed, try rolling up some epic homemade veggie sushi with Gimme’s Organic Sushi Nori ($2.99/ea), or elevate any vegan wrap with delicious Tribe Hummus in a variety of flavors ($1.99/ea). For the enterprising plant-based picnicker, pack yourself some tongs and don’t forget the charcoal – we’re grilling!

You won’t even miss the meat with incredible plant-based burger patties from Beyond Meat ($4.49), especially if they’re topped with F.A. Nino’s Organic Hot Sauce ($5.99/ea). Slap those bad boys on a fluffy Pretzilla Pretzel Bun ($2.99/ea), or if maximum-protein is your game, why not fix a vegan patty melt on Artisan Bakers’ Keto Bread ($4.49/ea)? Finally, stay hydrated with refreshing C2O Coconut Waters ($1.89+CRV); they’re naturally packed with electrolytes, making them the perfect fuel for hours of plant-based picnic enjoyment!

No matter how you choose to picnic, let Oliver’s make it easy with our Real Everyday Values flyer. With great deals in every department for three entire months, it’s the easiest way to make the most of every dollar. Stop by this week for fresh Spring deals on everything you need to make this season truly special, and help us Spring into REV!

Click here to learn more about our Real Everyday Values Flyer, or click here to check out the flyer for Quarter 2, 2021.

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