Real Everyday Values and Buying Team Spring Picks

Each quarter, we release a new collection of “Real Everyday Values”, known in our stores as “REV”, and accessible to every customer who grabs a REV Flyer or views it online, OR you can just watch for the teal colored REV tags in our store (purple for Gluten Free items). We just released our latest edition April 5, so take a look and plan on saving on these items all the way through the Fourth of July!


At Oliver’s Market, “Real Everyday Values” means offering a variety of products at honest-to-goodness everyday savings. Our buying team works with our vendor community to find fun and interesting products that we can sell at the lowest prices for extended pricing periods. Many of these deals are exclusive to Oliver’s, and we do our best to make sure to choose a little something for everyone. You’ll find more than 250 items in our REV Flyer and they’re easy to spot in the stores as well: Just look for the REV tags up and down every aisle.
To kick of our new flyer, we asked our buying team to select a favorite item or two that they were especially excited about and share reasons for their picks.
We hope you will enjoy checking out these items, along with hundreds of others in this quarter’s REV program.

  • Niman Ranch Smoked Bacon, Selected Varieties, 12 oz. Package, $8.99/ea.

“Niman Ranch has been a strong partner of ours for years, meeting and exceeding our standards for certified humanely raised and Proposition 12 compliant pork products. This bacon is not only delicious, but also nitrite and nitrate free.” – Todd Davis, Meat & Seafood Coordinator

  • Eureka Artisan Tortillas, Selected Varieties, 8 Count Package, $4.99 – LOCAL

“Eureka Artisan Tortillas offer unique flavor profiles unseen in this category and they are local. Pickled Jalapeno and Carrot is my personal favorite with the Everything & More as a close second. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do.” – Shawn Reilly, Conventional & Specialty Grocery Buyer

  • Bakerly Buns, Selected Varieties, 4-6 Count Package, $4.99

“Bakerly is a family-owned company and the founders came from Northwestern France. They emphasize the use of quality ingredients that require minimum preservatives. Their goal was to create a happy company that produces products that are identical to those they enjoyed as children in France.” – Marghi Sulas, Bakery Coordinator

  •  Jasper Hill Farm Moses Sleeper, $23.99/lb.

“We’ve built a meaningful partnership with Jasper Hill Farm, a Vermont-based cheese company that’s dedicated to sustainability, supporting their local farming community, education, and adding value to agriculture. With a mission that’s aligned with ours at Oliver’s Market, and an amazing selection of world class cheeses, we are proud to feature their wonderful cheeses every chance we get.
Moses Sleeper, one of the many masterpieces crafted by Jasper Hill Farm, boasts a gooey, lush paste contained by a thin delicate rind. The flavor profile showcases nuances of creme fraiche, toasted nuts and mushrooms.” – Wade Johnson, Gourmet Cheese Coordinator

  •  Hebel & Co. Organic Halva, Selected Varieties, 8 oz. Container, $9.99

“Hand crafted with clean, organic ingredients, Los Angeles based Hebel & Co.’s Halva comes in a wide range of delicious varieties such as peanut butter chocolate, pistachio and vanilla.” – Wade Johnson, Gourmet Cheese Coordinator

  • Sonoma Salumeria Genoa, Soppressata, & Calabrese Salami, $18.99/lb. – LOCAL
  • Sonoma Salumeria Italian Dry Milano, $16.99/lb. – LOCAL

“Our Deli Team is proud to introduce Sonoma Salumeria, hand crafted, artisan style salami from Sonoma County. The Italian history in Sonoma County goes back a long way. The Italian Swiss Colony was made up of the little communities of Asti, Barbera, and Chianti. To the west you had Lucca, Lombardia, and Calabria. Each of these little communities made their own cured meats with recipes that came from centuries-old family traditions. Sonoma Salumeria drew their inspiration from these wonderful little communities and you taste each ingredient in the recipe.
We have four amazing new varieties to taste: Genoa Salami, Italian Dry Milano, Soppressata, and Calabrese. Stop by any one of our Deli Departments and get yourself an amazing local product sliced fresh to order.” – James Schwedhelm, Deli Department Coordinator

  • Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co. Slow Smoked Mackerel, Selected Varieties, 3.7 oz. Tin, $5.79

“I chose this awesome Woman-Founded and led company because they are churning out some quality, delicious, and unique tinned fish. My favorite of the bunch is their wild-caught smoked mackerel. The fish is crispy yet tender with an infusion of flavor from crushed chilis, garlic, and oil. This item is great served over rice, on crackers, or how I typically enjoy it, straight out of the tin.” – Dustin Canter, Natural Grocery Buyer

Many of the outstanding new Fishwife products are in this quarter’s edition of REV. Check out the whole collection and consider using the Anchovies in this decadent Pesto & Anchovy Grilled Cheese.

  • Flour + Water Organic Pasta, Selected Varieties, 16 oz. Box, $3.99

“Flour + Water Pasta Shop has been turning their handmade pastas into an ever changing menu out of their restaurants in the City since 2009. Their pasta garnered so much love that customers kept asking where they could buy it to cook at home. The answer is now at Oliver’s Market! If you love pasta, you’re going to love this.” – Dustin Canter, Natural Grocery Buyer

  • Thinksport All Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Spray, 6 oz. Container, $13.99
  • Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix, Selected Varieties, 3.4-3.7 Canisters, $14.99

“This awesome Thinksport mineral-based sunscreen is reef-safe, non-aerosol, and goes on clear. The Ultima Replenisher provides 30 calorie-free electrolyte drink servings per container, using minimal packaging.” – Jacob Peters, Wellness Coordinator

  • Far West Fungi Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, Grown in Moss Landing, CA, 6 oz. Package, $5.99/ea.

“Lion’s Mane is rising in popularity and there’s no one better than Far West Fungi in Moss Landing to represent it. They have been growing exotic mushrooms in Moss Landing since1982. This is the best price we have ever had on Lion’s Mane since we have carried it over the last couple of years.
I have a very simple recipe for preparing it: Brush off any dirt and cut into ½ inch pieces. In a dry skillet on medium high heat, sauté the mushrooms flipping once after about 2-3 minutes. Add butter, (I use Miyoko’s) and sauté for an additional 2-3 minutes until golden brown. Remove from heat, add soy sauce or Bachan’s Barbeque Sauce and a dash of salt. “ – Mike Johnson, Produce Coordinator

  • Crossbow Zinfandel, 2019, Lake County, $6.99 +crv
  • Raywood Chardonnay, 2022 Central Coast, $7.99 +crv

“I chose the Crossbow Zinfandel because it provides exceptional bang for the buck. It’s a solid expression of the varietal from Lake County. With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect BBQ wine! The producer is a huge champion of the varietal in Lake County.
The Raywood Chardonnay is a crowd pleaser. An affordable white that can be paired with light fish or roasted chicken. For a Chardonnay under $10, this one is hard to beat!” – Josh Kirchhoff, Corporate Wine & Liquor Coordinator

So there you have it – your guide to Oliver’s new REV Flyer complete with buyer picks.  It’s a unique assortment of interesting products to try, featured at REV savings all the way until July 4th! We invite you to check out the whole REV Flyer and discover your own favorites. We also have some recipes featuring REV items for some added inspiration. Happy Shopping!

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