Local Cheese? Yes Please!

The Oliver’s Market Cheesemongers are excited to share with you some of their favorite local Artisan Cheeses! Many of our local cheesemakers have deep roots in Sonoma and Marin agriculture for generations past.  As stewards of the land, they honor the tradition of Sonoma County’s agricultural origin and help keep our landscape rustically beautiful.  We hope you enjoy some of our favorite local gems and remember why we live in this unique and very special place.

*Prices good through 9/15/20.

In trying times such as these, it can be all too easy to forget why we all came to Sonoma County in the first place. There is a powerful draw from this verdant land on the people who live here, and we have proven time and time again that neither fire nor flood nor pandemic disease can squash the Sonoma County spirit. From our rolling hills and shady valleys to the mighty redwoods and briny coast, this place and the love we have for it will continue to thrive with the nurturing care of the entire community. Oliver’s has always taken pride in our Sonoma County roots by seeking to put Sonoma County makers first, and now more than ever, we need you help in supporting the artisans that make this place so special.

Sonoma County is blessed with a flourishing cheese-making industry, with many family-owned and small-scale dairies churning out (pardon the pun) world-class cheeses all year round. Many of these dairies have already taken a beating from the Coronavirus, and many have taken a further hit from the recent fires. Oliver’s won’t sit back while these artisans suffer! We have asked expert cheese mongers from each of our stores to pick their favorite of our local cheeses in the hope that, by doing our part to help, these dairies might continue to produce their high-quality artisanal cheeses for many years. We believe that our community is strongest when we stand together, and we intend to do our bit to keep us all #SonomaStrong! Check out our featured local cheeses below, and help us preserve a little of what makes Sonoma County such a special place.

Wade’s Pick: Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese


Stemming from roots in the Swiss alps, Don and Bonnie De Bernardi bring old-world artisanal cheesemaking to us right here in Sonoma County. Two Rock Valley goat cheese boasts balance and versatility and makes for an excellent table cheese, or it works fantastically in the kitchen when cooking. Pair it alongside your favorite charcuterie and craft beer, it’s sure to make your cheese experience one to remember.

Matt’s Pick: Tomales Farmstead Creamery “Kenne” Goat Cheese


The smooth, luscious texture of this locally-made, soft-ripened goat cheese reminds me of whipped frosting. The flavor is an excellent balance of sweetness, salt, and fresh acidity.  Named for the Miwok word for one, in the case of our local cheeses, Kenne just may be “the one”. Check out our recipe for Warm Goat Cheese Salad using this wonderful cheese!

Alli’s Pick: Valley Ford Creamery Grazin’ Girl Blue Cheese


The newest cheese in Valley Ford’s incredible lineup of northern Italian inspired cheeses is Grazin’ Girl Gorgonzola. With a golden-hued, creamy paste from grass-fed Jersey cow’s milk; peppery streaks of Blue veining; and a rustic natural rind, I instantly envision the hills of southwestern Sonoma County every time I taste it. Not sure how best to serve it up? Try out our recipe for Blue Cheese and Spinach Gratin!

Emily’s Pick: Bohemian Creamery Flower Power


A beautiful blend of fresh milk and honey, Flower Power is a pyramid of organic jersey cow’s milk crowned with local bee pollen.  The airy texture floats on your tongue like a fluffy cloud. When young, the flavor is lactic and fresh, becoming more pronounced as the thin bloomy rind breaks down the paste into a runny creamline.

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