Let’s Throw a Paella Party!

Paella, a delicious rice-based dish that is known for its eye-catching presentation and delicious flavors, is the quintessential Spanish dish. It originated in Valencia, a region on the coast of Southeastern Spain, though today it is made throughout the country.

Another winning feature of Paella: It’s best cooked outside! In our recent hot weather, this seems like an especially appealing way to go.

We’ve rounded up a great sale this week on all of the ingredients you need to make your own delicious Paella at home — including the pans! Be sure to check it out and be inspired.

Note: Prices in effect from September 14-20, 2022 at all four Oliver’s Market locations.

To make Paella, you can use just about any ingredient that goes well with rice, ideally combining a few together. Some common ingredients include Chicken, Pork, Shellfish, Fish, Beans and Peppers. The star spice of Paella is Saffron, which transforms the dish into a beautiful golden color along with imparting its enticing aromatics and distinctive flavor.

Preparing Paella can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these three simple rules you’re set for success.

  • Cook over an open flame. A charcoal BBQ or gas Paella burner is best. Ideally, your BBQ should be kettle shaped so that the heat is easily distributed.
  • Use a Paella Pan. It is a large, flat, open round steel pan with handles.
  • Use Bomba or Medium Grain Rice. Both Bomba and medium-grain are especially good at absorbing liquid, which makes them particularly suitable for Paella.

Paella can scale to serve a small group or a huge party, and can be made in full authentic style, or with a few handy shortcuts. Here is a recipe for Classic Paella, a recipe for Weeknight Skillet Paella, and another recipe in our library for Homemade Paella.

Wines for Paella

When it comes to pairing wine with Paella, there are many different routes you can take depending on the type of Paella you’re making. For a seafood-based Paella, consider a crisp Spanish white like Verdejo or a Spanish Rosé. If you’re making a more traditional style (Valencia) Paella, go with a full-bodied Spanish Tempranilo. If you’re unsure of the type of Paella you’re going to have, then go with a light Spanish Cava. It is sure to pair with almost anything.

We are celebrating Paella in all of its glory this week at Oliver’s, so find the recipe that suits your style, grab some salad, crusty bread, and a beverage, and give Paella a try!  Bring the flavors of Spain to your home and host a Paella party for your friends and family.

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