Incredible Bulk!

It’s time to save 20% on all Bulk Foods this week at Oliver’s!

There is no better time than the present to explore the Bulk Department at Oliver’s. In addition to saving a full twenty percent this week, there are always great reasons as to why you should shop the Bulk Department: It reduces consumer packaging waste, the products are fresher than what you get in pre-packaged products; and buying in bulk allows you to buy as little or as much of an item as you need.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Bulk Department staff are here to help you navigate the department and find everything on your shopping list. From sweets and spices to dried fruits, nuts, granola, trail mix and everything in between, our Bulk Department is bursting with ingredients to make your snacks, drinks, and recipes both easy and delicious.

Note: Ad prices are in effect from October 19-25 at all four Oliver’s Market locations.

So, if you have never shopped for items in bulk before, you may wonder what some favorite items are to try during this sale. To answer this question, we went straight to the people who would know best: our Bulk Department staff!

Here are some of our Bulk Department staff’s favorite picks:

Bulk Spices: “I hate clutter in my home, and with the amount of cooking we do, spice jars can pile up. The convenience of only grabbing what you need for that rarely used spice is unmatched!” – Dustin Canter, Natural Grocery Buyer

Chili Picante Plantain Chips: “Here is a healthier alternative chip I like to add to my lunch with a slight bite, and a tangy twist to meet your savory snacking desires!” Elias Small, Montecito Bulk Department Lead

Organic Dried Mangos: “A healthy option for satisfying a sweet tooth, also being a good source of vitamins and minerals, dried mangos are easy to eat any time of the year!” – Will Parker, Windsor Bulk Department Lead

Organic Cardamom Cranberry Paleo Granola: “My go-to morning snack is the Cardamom Cranberry Granola. It offers a proper balance of nuts, seeds, and fruits. It’s simple, nutritious, and appetizing. I love blending this into Greek yogurt, giving it a perfect crunch in every bite.” – Brian Esquival, Cotati Bulk Department Lead

Oliver’s Own Chocolate Chip Granola: “I have Oliver’s Own Orange Chocolate Chip Granola almost every morning with breakfast. I appreciate how naturally sweet the granola is and the combination of citrus and chocolate makes for a refreshing start to the day.” -Reid Carpenter, Stony Point Bulk Department Lead

These are just a few of the interesting and delicious items in our Bulk Department. We also have some great recipes using Bulk Department ingredients that you might want to try. How about DIY Popcorn Seasoning Four Ways? Making your own Granola Bars or Nut Butters can also be a lot of fun! With the cooling temperatures come the craving for more soup, and this Split Pea Soup is a great one to try, and very economical, too!

Hopefully these recommendations will serve as inspiration for you to peruse the Oliver’s Market Bulk Department bins this week and find a great new discovery of your own!

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