Celebrate Dad with Oliver’s!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so make it extra special with Oliver’s! We’ve dressed to impress with fantastic deals in each of our departments on everything Dad loves. From top-tier meats and produce that are just begging to be grilled, to Dad’s ideal Father’s Day gifts, Oliver’s Market is your one-stop-shop for all things Father’s Day. Check out our easy guide to get started, and show Dad you care!

*Sale prices valid through 6/22/21.

“I love telling Dad jokes. Sometimes, he even laughs!”

It’s almost Father’s Day again, and at Oliver’s, the only thing we love more than dad jokes are the dads who make them! For this Father’s Day, we’ve put together a fool-proof plan to give Dad the best Father’s Day yet; from soup to nuts, we’ve gone through our stores and picked the very best of what dads want in every department. Whether he’s looking to fire up the grill and crack a cold one or simply relax with family and friends, Oliver’s has the ultimate, Dad-perfect formula for a fabulous Father’s Day. Hike up your dad-pants and strap on your sandals (over your socks, of course) – let’s get Dad-y!

Dad-tivities for Dads of All Ages

If Father’s Day is all about fathers, then OF COURSE Dad gets to pick what you do! Plan for classic dad-tivities, both indoors and outdoors, to make dad feel extra special. For outdoor dads, stock up on ice to keep food cool, and swing by our Wellness Department to grab bug repellent, sunscreen, and more. Of course, bring plenty of water and a first aid kit, and remember to ask at about about purchasing a Sonoma County Parks Pass from Oliver’s! These passes are ideal for nature-loving dads, and their year-long lifespan makes them the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving. For an indoor-centric Dad, why not plan a lazy Dad’s Day Off instead? Set up Dad’s favorite movie or video games, or throw on the big game for some quality relaxation Dad-style. Indulge in PJ’s until noon and family board games, then head into the yard for that classic game of catch!

I Moustache-sk You About the Food

When putting together a Father’s Day feast, start with what Dad likes. Many specimens of Dadicus goofballicus can be seen grilling regularly, usually in a playful apron and/or hat, both in the wild and in the comfort of his own backyard. If this sounds like your dad, make sure to load up on grilling favorites like USDA Prime Bone-In Rib Eye Steaks for $17.99 a pound or Rocky Air-Chilled, Locally Produce Bone-In Chicken Breasts for $3.99 a pound. Load up on Dad’s favorite barbecue sides too, like fresh ears of California-grown White Corn ($0.33/ea) or Oliver’s Own Smoked Mozzarella Salad ($7.99/lb). Finally, round out Dad’s special day with sweet slices of Seedless Watermelon ($4.99/ea) or Organic Cantaloupe ($0.89/lb) and a slice of Dad’s favorite cake from Just Desserts ($12.99/ea).

If being out in nature is more in Dad’s wheelhouse, bring the celebration right along with you! Whip up sandwiches with house-made slices of Oliver’s Own Roast Beef ($10.99/lb) and plenty of Jarlsberg cheese ($9.99/lb), or stock up on the perfect trail snacks, like Skinny Pop Popcorn ($2.49/ea) or LaraBar Fruit and Nut Bars (10 for $10). Continue the fun into dinnertime with easy, gourmet Father’s Day fare like wild caught Swordfish Steaks ($13.99/lb) or Alaskan Halibut Fillets ($17.99/lb). Dish them up with classic sides like tender California-grown Green Beans ($1.69/lb) and a simple salad of Organic Romaine Lettuce ($1.29/ea).

To Wrap Things Up (Literally)

Finding the perfect gift for Dad is definitely the cherry on top of an ideal Father’s Day, but what gift is good enough to follow up such a special day? For the dads who love top-shelf booze at bargain prices, check out specially selected whiskies that’ll have him jumping for joy! Choose from 10 different whiskies from 6 different brands, all of which are great whether you serve them straight-up or mixed in your favorite cocktail, like locally produced whiskies from Redwood Empire ($27.99/ea). Craft distilled amongst the redwood trees from which it takes its name, Redwood Empire produces whiskies that are rooted in the Sonoma County land and climate. Their distilling process combines state-of-the-art technology, sustainable practices, and traditional techniques to create each batch of whiskey, and each whiskey they produce is named for and draws its spirit from an iconic, local redwood tree. Bring home a bottle of their Lost Monarch, Emerald Giant, or Pipe Dream whiskey to celebrate Dad in true Sonoma County style – click HERE to learn more!

Of course, if booze really isn’t your idea of a good gift, there are plenty of treasures to hunt down in our Cards and Gifts section! With unique cards to tell Dad just how much you care and plenty of creative gifts, you’ll be sure to find that special something to make Dad smile.

No matter who you call “Dad” or how you celebrate Father’s Day, let Oliver’s help you to make it a day to remember! This week, stop into any Oliver’s Market to find these great deals plus many more, and let us help you show Dad just how much you care. Plus, click HERE for great Father’s Day recipes to get started!

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