4th of July Fun with Oliver’s!

This Independence Day, turn up the Summer fun with great deals from Oliver’s! We have everything you need to make this year’s holiday a grillin’ good time – from prime beef to premium produce, Oliver’s has got the goods for 4th of July success. Plus, learn a bit about the origins of the American barbecue, and find out how this American pastime got its sizzle. It’s all waiting for you at Oliver’s this July 4th; check it out!

*Sales prices good through 7/6/2021.

It’s officially Summertime, and that means the 4th of July is approaching fast! This year, take the stress out of holiday grilling with a little help from Oliver’s. Whether it’s bringing you the freshest in meats, produce, and more or taking the stress out of prep with our no-fuss deli dishes, we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure your Independence Day is nothing but fun. No matter what you plan to throw on the barbecue, let Oliver’s make it easy and delicious!

Now, we’re not sure how you like to spend your 4th of July holiday, but we prefer spending ours in the warm Sonoma County sunshine, enjoying a pastime that’s as American as Mom and apple pie – barbecue! The term barbecue is believed to have derived from the Spanish term barbacoa, a cooking technique in which meat is cooked indirectly using green wood to prevent burning. This method of cookery was originally a mainstay amongst indigenous Americans, but it was quickly adopted by Spanish colonists as a way to render lean meat tender and flavorful. As European influence spread into North America, delicious barbecue followed, establishing itself as far north as Virginia by the end of the 18th century. By the 19th century, barbecue had become more formalized and came to refer to a specific style of event as well as a cooking technique. These early barbecues were large-scale events, often feeding hundreds of people at a time, and they often served as both political rallies and communal celebrations. These early barbecues were an all-hands-on-deck kind of affair; from clearing the space and building the tables, to providing and preparing the livestock for cooking, a barbecue has always been and always will be a true team effort!

Over the years, barbecue has evolved into a bonafied American institution, with dozens of regional barbecue style across all 50 states. Yes, in the good old USA, it just isn’t Summer without fire and grill, and this 4th of July, we’re pulling out all the stops to give YOU the best barbecue yet! Kick off the celebration with artisan dips and sauces from Bitchin’ Sauce ($3.49/ea). These plant-based sauces are perfect for adding extra flavor to fresh veggies, chips, and more; pick them up with a bag of Cascadian Farms’ Organic Fries ($2.49/ea) for an easy app that can’t be beat! Once starters are settled, swing by our meat department for grilling favorites like Prime Trimmed Tri Tip ($12.99/lb), in-the-shell BBQ Oysters ($0.99/ea), or organic Rosie Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts ($6.99/lb), or skip the meat entirely and opt instead for plant-based burgers from Beyond Meat. Keep the grilling going with sides like fresh, in-the-husk Organic Corn ($0.99/ea), or wow your guests with simple slices of grilled Organic Pineapple ($3.99/ea). If you’re looking for something to cool down the fire instead of fan it, skip the mess and pick up a container of Oliver’s Own house-made Potato Salad ($4.99/lb). This fan-favorite is loaded with everything you want from a classic potato salad, no boiling or peeling necessary, and it comes ready to serve right when you want it!

For drinks, we always think it’s best to have an assortment. To satisfy the kids and kids-at-heart, we love a summer classic like Newman’s Own Lemonade or Limeade (2 for $4), but why not shake things up with a refreshing can of Parrot Coconut Water or Pink Guava Juice ($0.79/ea+CRV). If a cocktail is more your style, make sure you grab plenty of Fever Tree artisan mixers ($2.99/ea+CRV), and stock up on selected spirits like Humboldt Vodka ($16.99/ea) or Correlejo Reposado Tequila ($21.99/ea). Of course, it just wouldn’t be a barbecue without beer, which is why we’ve got plenty of selections to choose from! Bring home selected packs of Henhouse perfect for sipping while manning the grill, or stock up on selected 12-packs from top brands like Lagunitas and Lost Coast. And of course, we can’t forget about dessert – pick up sweet treats mighty enough to feed the whole family from our Bakery, like a 9-inch Oliver’s Frangipane Tart ($25.99/ea). Loaded with seasonal fruit and a decadent almond custard, it’s the perfect end to an even better 4th, just don’t let it distract you from the fireworks show!

No matter how you grill up your 4th of July fun, make it the best it can be with Oliver’s! Stop by anytime this week to enjoy all these fantastic deals and more, or skip the prep completely with freshly prepared Oliver’s Barbecue! We’ll be dishing up classics like Choice Tri-Tip and Rocky Chicken, all smoked to tender perfection with the sides to match. It’s all waiting for you here at Oliver’s, so why not stop on by to make this 4th of July the best one yet!

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