20% Off Fresh Cut Produce from Oliver’s

Skip the chopping and get straight to the snacking with Oliver’s Fresh Cut Produce! This week, we’re offering 20% off our entire selection of cut fruit and vegetables, so there’s never been a better time to stock up. We prepare our cut produce fresh, in-house every day, and we pick the best produce of the bunch so that everything is at the peak of flavor. Check out the program, and see what Oliver’s is slicing up today!

*Offer valid through 1/26/21.

If you love real food from Oliver’s, you have to check out Oliver’s Own Fresh Cut Produce!

In the summer of 2009, Leo Escobar and Oliver’s produce coordinator Michael Peterson received the most incredible, delicious, and sweet seedless watermelon from Yosemite Farms in Manteca. With their only sample tray broken, they needed a creative solution to introduce the tasty fruit to our customers. They grabbed a Deli container and filled it up with samples, then decided to pack up a few more for sale. They packed their water tray to the top with ice and inserted about 20 containers, hand marking them each with a price. In a few hours, the containers were gone, and Oliver’s Cut Fruit program was born! We changed the name to Oliver’s Fresh Cut Produce a few years back, but rest assured – it’s the same great produce as it was at the start!

Nowadays, Oliver’s Cut Produce program accounts for up to 10% of the entire sales of our Produce department. Over the years, the program has evolved and expanded to include everything from a dinner kits to yogurt parfaits, and plenty of vegetables have been added to the mix as well! With only a few exceptions, our cut produce is hand-selected by our teams of employees, and every store cuts their own produce daily. This way, we know our customers always receive the highest quality produce possible, and our teams are always hard at work to keep our shelves stocked and fresh. We also prepare our cut produce separately from all our other house-prepared foods, so there’s no chance of cross-contamination between products. Whether you’re looking to skip the prep for dinner or if you’re just in need of a healthy snack on-the-go, Oliver’s Fresh Cut Produce is the perfect way to get more fruits and veggies without any effort.

Need some help getting started? There are tons of ways to use our Fresh Cut Produce! Make dinner easy with kits like our Mire Poix Mix or our Fajita Blend; they’re perfect for whipping up quick and delicious weeknight meals, like this simple Fish Chowder or this vibrant Thai Zoodle Salad. Our fresh cut fruit is perfect for a sweet and healthy snack, but they’re also ideal for creative, fresh recipes! Use our cubed watermelon for these incredible Salmon Tacos with Watermelon Salsa, or grab a pack our of cubed mango and pineapple for doubly tropical Mango Piña Coladas. And of course, there’s nothing quite like our freshly sliced veggies dunked in your favorite dip, no chips needed! Our Cut Produce selection is incredibly diverse and changes with what’s available, fresh, and delicious; this way, no matter what you buy, you know it always comes with the Oliver’s promise of pure satisfaction. Keep an eye on our endlessly increasing range of options, and let Oliver’s help you add flair to your meals with ease!

This week, head to any of our four locations for 20% off our entire line of Fresh Cut Produce! There’s never been a better time to veg-out and make every meal easier with Oliver’s, so stop by today and take advantage of this fantastic deal. Also, stop by any time in January for month-long deals on all things wellness – it’s the perfect way to find your Healthiest You!

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