Your Holiday Prep List

We here at Oliver’s know that the holiday season pulls each of us in every direction, so we’ve come up with the perfect plan to help you stress less and enjoy more. Check out our guide to prepping for the holidays.

1 to 2 weeks before

Finalize your guest list and menu, and order or buy your entree. Now is the time to make any party or cooking-related purchases, such as decorations or supplies.

3 to 4 days before

Plan and prep a tablescape and place cards for guests. Clean out your fridge and freezer, then purchase produce. Prep and freeze anything that can be made ahead.

2 days before

Purchase drinks to accompany your meal, include adults and kid’s options. Begin thawing your entree, if frozen; if you’re planning on brining, prepare your brine at this time.

1 day before

Chop fresh herbs and aromatics, store in fridge. If you’re brining your entree, place in brine and refrigerate. Prepare appetizers, desserts and any fresh elements. Defrost prepped dishes.

Morning of

Preheat oven and prep main entree. Peel potatoes and place in cold, salted water until needed. Prep dishes which can be reheated later. Begin roasting, time based on size.


Whether it’s specialty meats or housemade dishes, let Oliver’s make your holidays a breeze!

Meat Department – Ever wanted your turkey spatchcocked but just didn’t know where to start? What about Frenching your rack of lamb? Fear no more, let Oliver’s full service meat counter take the stress out of prepping! Our Meat Departments also have a fantastic selection of specialty meats, including:

  • Prime Rib Roasts
  • Choice Angus Rib Roasts
  • Grass Fed Rib Roasts
  • Beef Tenderloin
  • Fresh Diestel Turkeys
  • Heidi Organic Turkeys
  • Brined Turkeys
  • Pork Loin Crown Roasts
  • Frenched Lamb Racks
  • Caggiano Hams
  • Spiral Sliced Hams
  • Fresh Smoked Fish
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Fresh Oysters
  • House Made Turducken
  • Capon
  • Poussin
  • Pheasant
  • Local Duck
  • Local Goose
  • Rabbit
  • Squab

Produce Department – Check out our cut fruit for a quick and easy holiday breakfast or our pre-chopped stuffing mix to make your meal completely stress free; it’s all prepared fresh daily.

Bakery Department – Pie can be pretty intimidating, so put the pressure on us and take home one of our gourmet, seasonal pies! Or, impress your guests and choose from our wide selection of gourmet desserts!

Wine Department – Not sure what wine to pair with your feast? What about beer for the big game? Oliver’s knowledgeable wine staff has you covered. With our local wines and craft beers, you’ll find the perfect beverage in no time.

Deli Department – Let Oliver’s help make your holiday party a success with our award winning deli creations! Whether it’s a classic gravy or a vegan side dish, let our chefs do the work so you can spend more time with family and friends. Don’t forget about our Complete Holiday Dinner that you can order here, it’s just heat and serve!

Housewares Department – Find the perfect plates to compliment your holiday theme or eco-friendly, single use cookware so your meal is both delicious and guilt-free! Get that utensil you just have to have or the perfect sized pan for your meat- you won’t be disappointed!

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