You Bread-er Believe It! Artisan Bread at Oliver’s

This week only, we’ve turned the spotlight on bread, specifically Sonoma County local, artisan baked bread! We’ve always showcased local products at their finest, and these bakeries are no exception – from baguettes to boules, Oliver’s has your bread “kneads” covered!

In the past thirty years, Oliver’s has been true to our mission of promoting Sonoma County businesses and products, and this week we’re dialing up the local pride to bring you fabulous deals on locally made, artisan breads. These breads are of the highest possible quality, produced by bakers who are truly dedicated to the craft of baking and using techniques celebrating the tradition of bread making while still keeping it 100% Sonoma County in style. Whether it’s a small, family-owned operation or Oliver’s own commissary kitchen, these bakeries can’t be beat when it comes to flavor and freshness; no matter what kind of loaf you’re looking for, you can guarantee it was produced with the love, care, and expertise of an artisan.

Village Bakery

Village Bakery has been a staple for local residents and visitors for the last two decades. They have two store locations: their flagship store is located in Sebastopol at the Barlow, and their second store is situated in the beautiful MacDonald neighborhood in Santa Rosa. Village is a family-owned business with traditional values – they take pride in their staff and the quality of the products they are able to produce. They believe in bringing fresh, preservative-free ingredients to the table, and their legendary hearth breads are made with flour from a reputable, local purveyor in Petaluma; they also support local dairy farmers by procuring other fresh, organic ingredients locally. Village Bakery is the home of the award-winning Seeded Sourdough Bread, and has been voted “Best Bakery” by the Press Democrat and the North Bay Bohemian for several years on end.

Costeaux French Bakery

Established in 1923 as the French American Bakery in Healdsburg, Costeaux world-class breads and baked goods are internationally acclaimed and sought after by locals and visitors alike. Though they’ve gone through several changes of identity over the years, Costeaux’s commitment to quality has never waned – they hand crafts their breads in small batches from natural starters and hand form the dough in an ages-old tradition. Long fermentation is central to the development of the breads that are baked in hearth ovens, producing bread of a unique and superior quality and cementing Costeaux as a Healdsburg landmark for nearly a century. Though best known for their French breads, Costeaux is also famous for their award-winning Cinnamon Walnut Bread as well as a host of other specialty loaves, rolls, and buns.

Red Bird Bakery

Red Bird Bakery was founded by Isaac and Linda Cermak, “Cermak” meaning “Red Bird” in Czech; and so, it began! Originating as the dream of a father and son, Red Bird Bakery was created to pay respect to past family members and to display a craft that has been honed over a combined 25 years. Their hard work and dedication to staying true to their roots is the end product you receive –  delicious, hand-crafted breads and pastries of the highest possible quality. Red Bird strives to service all your bakery needs, from French inspired pastry to “old world”-influenced breads and delights, their products are created with respect to the craft and community using as many organic and local ingredients as possible. This means that, regardless of what Red Bird product you’re taking home, you know it was made with seasonal ingredients of the highest quality, translating to a product that is truly as good as the people it was made by.

Basque Boulangerie

Originally started in 1956 as Sonoma French Bakery, Basque Boulangerie remains loyal to the legacy created by its founding family, using traditional techniques brought from their French villages to America. Though now in a different location from the old bakery, their team of talented bakers work every night to create crusty, handmade breads, using the Old World European tradition to achieve true artisan loaves and pastries. Basque’s traditional stone hearth ovens assure consistent, traditional breads with no preservatives, and the high quality ingredients make for a product that is consistently fantastic in flavor and texture. Try their low-crumb, crisp sourdough breads or classic French, Danish, and Parisian-style rolls, pastries, and more.

Oliver’s Own Bakery

Since opening our Windsor location in May of 2016, Oliver’s has produced any bakery products labeled “Oliver’s Own” right in our own commissary kitchen. This includes various cakes, cookies, rolls, buns – sweet and savory – and now our Oliver’s Own Focaccia bread. Items made in the commissary bakery are sent out to all four of our stores, so you know that if it’s a baked good with our name on it, it was made fresh in Sonoma County. Not only that, but this is all accomplished by only nine employees! We decorate our cakes, cupcakes, and brownies in house too, so no matter whether it’s packaged or in the case, it’s 100% Oliver’s. The most recent addition to our production list is the Oliver’s Own Focaccia, with fresh rosemary and an abundance of unfiltered, organic extra virgin olive oil, it’s truly as good as it gets. Find a whole loaf in our bakery or try it as a sandwich in our deli!

Whether it’s crusty baguettes, supple ciabattas, or nutty whole grain loaves, Oliver’s has got exactly what you’re looking for at a price that’ll leave you wanting more. Come by today to experience true Sonoma County quality –  you’ll “loave” it as much as we do!

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