The Tale of Two Avocados

Guacamole is a classic Game Day favorite, with the star of it being the avocado, of course. This week, we have two beautiful avocados on sale – both for 99¢ each – first-of-the-season California-grown Hass Avocados and fresh organic Fair Trade Hass Avocados grown by Equal Exchange in Mexico. Now’s the perfect time to take a look at each of these avocados and find out why they are both a great choice for your Game Day snacking.

First-of-the-Season California-Grown Hass Avocados – 99¢ each

We love the Hass Avocado – a true California native, but did you know less than 1 percent of the state is suitable for growing them? Even though such a small percentage of the state can grow these delicious fruits, around 90 percent of the nation’s avocado crop is produced right here in California. The rich soil, coastal breezes and warm sun make for great growing conditions. Hass Avocados, are full of good fats and nutrients. In fact, the avocado is famous for their creamy texture and nutty flavor are practically perfect guacamole makers.

Organic Fair Trade Avocados from Equal Exchange in Mexico – 99¢ each

All the goodness that nourishes avocados from Mexico – from soil to seed to tree to fruit – equals an avocado that’s delicious and wholesome. Generous in size with a small seed — means more green, creamy “meat” to eat. These delicious avocados we are featuring this week are brought to us by Equal Exchange in Mexico. Equal Exchange partners with PRAGOR, a progressive group of small-scale avocado farmers in Michoacán Mexico. This region of Mexico is called “the avocado capital of the world.” Unfortunately, small-scale farmers have struggled to compete in a competitive field. In response to this struggle, PRAGOR decided they would help collectively control the entire process from growing to exporting avocados.

No matter which avocado you choose, both are a great choice for your Game Day spread.

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