Spotlight: Local Produce at Oliver’s

We’ve stuck in our thumb and pulled out a plum… and an heirloom tomato… and a bunch of greens… and maybe some squash too. Why such a cornucopia of earthly delights you ask? Why, because local produce is 20% off at Oliver’s, of course! From local classics and fan-favorites to fascinating finds and more, we’ve scoured the hills and valleys of Sonoma County to bring you the best produce we have to offer. We’ve never forgotten our roots in fresh, local produce, so please join us in celebrating the bounty of Sonoma County’s many unique farms and farmers, and check out some of the folks keeping Sonoma County fed!

*Prices good through 8/4/2021.

We are truly blessed to live in place that offers such a bounty of fresh, wholesome produce just outside our front doors! It seems that everywhere you look, there’s a small, family-owned farm turning out heaps of delicious veggies, fruits, herbs, and more, and we have the privilege of not only peeking behind the scenes but of working with them. You see, these delicious gifts from Mother Nature don’t just pop out of the ground like magic – there’s a lot of care and planning that goes into every delicious ounce. Whether it’s maintaining sustainable growing practices or preserving heirloom varieties for generations to come, Sonoma County’s farmers are on a quest to bring you the very best in local produce that they possibly can.

Though we often buy our local produce directly from individual farms and farmers, we also get a significant amount through one of our favorite local organizations: Farmers Exchange of Earthly Delights, also known as the F.E.E.D Cooperative. Having recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary this past June, the F.E.E.D. Co-op has always believed in self-ownership of food systems on a bio-regional level. This begins with growing practices in one’s region that are ecologically sustainable and giving the farmers ownership of this foundational food system infrastructure so that our food system is also generationally successional. Of course, the entire cycle only functions due to diverse and in-depth collaborations with buyers such as Oliver’s Markets and a public that chooses to shop with a powerful, conscience and truthful intent. When we buy from F.E.E.D., we support not just the farm the produce came from but every farm in F.E.E.D.’s network! This, in turn, promotes a greater diversity in farming at the local level by supporting small-scale, local farmers, preserving their independence and ensuring their ability to operate sustainably for years to come.

So, how can you get involved? Why, shop at Oliver’s, of course! We’re proud to offer fresh, local produce through F.E.E.D. in all 4 of our locations, with a list that includes both organic and conventional greens, tomatoes, carrots, herbs, and so much more. If you find yourself staying in more than going out, F.E.E.D. also offers a produce subscription service where they will send you a box of fresh, organic produce every week. It’s a great way to add more local fruits and veggies to your diet, and with new produce featured every week, you’ll never get bored! Check out F.E.E.D.’s website HERE to learn more.

Oliver’s just wouldn’t be Oliver’s without the farms and farmers that call Sonoma County home. This week, take 20% off our entire selection of locally grown produce, and take the time to check out some of the farms that make our stores so special. Help us say “thank you” and “keep going” to the people that grow Sonoma County and keep us all #SonomaStrong!

Bella Ridge

17555 Taylor Ln, Occidental, CA 95465 • (707) 874-2816

Bella Ridge is a small, organic farm located in Occidental with a diverse collection of heirloom apples and a wide range of Asian and European pears. Look for their Akane apples and Dapple Dandy pluots.

Devoto Gardens

655 Gold Ridge Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472 • (707) 823-6650

Founded by Stan Devoto and his late wife Susan over three decades ago, Devoto Gardens and Orchards grows over 80 varieties of heirloom apples, specialty flowers, and Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes over 5 Sonoma County properties. We love them for their annual Gravenstein crop, but make sure you don’t miss their many other heirloom apples.

Gabriel Farm

3175 Sullivan Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472 • (707) 829-0617

This organic family farm is owned and stewarded by power-duo Lucy and Torrey Olson. Together with their son Henry, they tend to 14 acres of apples, berries, guavas, squash, and much, much more. Be sure to check out their classic McIntosh apples, as well as their Candy Stripe and Flavor Grenade pluots.

Live Oak Farm

13401 E Jefferson St, Le Grand, CA 95333 • (209) 389-4576

Live Oak Farm is truly revolutionary! Considered Sonoma County’s very first “agrihood”, Live Oak blend traditional community life with agriculture to bring people closer than ever before to their food. With a focus on sustainability and a zero-impact approach to life, Live Oak Farm strives to integrate food and life in the way they were always meant to be. Enjoy a selection of their home-grown (quite literally) produce, including strawberries, chives, dill, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme, French Fingerling potatoes, and Harvest Moon potatoes.

Bernier Farms

1720 Canyon Rd, Geyserville, CA 95441 • (707) 849-7592

Owned and operated by the Bernier family in Dry Creek Valley for over 40 years, Bernier Farms started in garlic but have since expanded their operations to include vineyards and perennial row crops. Their focus is firmly on seasonality and stewardship, with growing practices aimed at keeping the land fruitful for years to come. Check out their delicious Crane melons while supplies lasts!

Front Porch Farms

2550 Rio Lindo Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448 • (707) 433-8016

Front Porch Farms is, in their own words, “a celebration of life that expresses itself through stewardship of the land and engagement with the community.” This organic farm seeks to work with the land, not against it, to create an even more bountiful world through restorative and sustainable farming practices. Try out their Triple Crown blackberries or their Bitje and Red Gold potatoes.

Earthworker Farm

Please welcome Earthworker Farms to the Oliver’s local produce line-up! These artisan microgreen and edible flower experts are based out of Sebastopol, where their small but intrepid team grow and produce everything for their specialty mixes and more. Until recently, Earthworker Farms could only be found at the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market and a small selection of local markets, but not anymore! Swing by Oliver’s to pick up their crisp and delicious Sunflower or Pea Sprouts, perfect for creating beautiful salads or adding a pop of freshness to any dish.

Longer Table Farms

2927 Llano Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 • (707) 758-2021

One of our very favorite Sonoma County farms since their start 2014, Longer Table (formerly known as Blue Leg) began as a humble garden but has since expanded to encompass 10 acres and a wide variety of crops. They go above and beyond their organic certification too, with practices that actually exceed the state requirements and farmers that are constantly on the lookout for more-sustainable practices. Savor a variety of lettuces including red and green Littles Gems, or grab some of their Spring onions to throw on the grill.

Allstar Organics

P.O. Box 19, Woodacre, CA 94973 • (415) 320-2041

Operating from 3 locations around the Bay Area since 1994, Allstar Organics have been THE farm for organic aromatic plants and edible flowers for the last 26 years. They’ve since expanded their crops to include a variety of legumes, vegetables, and heirloom tomatoes, but their heart is will always be their herbs which, thanks to their soil-enrichment programs, are always at the peak of flavor and color. Stop into Oliver’s to try their green slicer cucumbers, or head over to their website to check out their artisanal dried herb salts, sugars, blends, and more.

Marin Roots Farm

PO Box 133 Woodacre, CA 94973 • (415) 342-8820

Located just to our south in Marin County, this certified organic farm is as local as it gets without actually being in Sonoma County. Home to plenty of green produce and more than a handful of goats, Marin Roots has planted itself deep in the rich soil of the Bay Area food landscape with plans to stick around for many years to come.

New Family Farm

Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 95472

New Family Farm started with just a patch of land, a couple horses, and a dream and now encompasses 15 acres of quality crops and a solid-gold reputation across the North Bay. Their cover crops change with the summer and winter, and their growing practices always keep in mind soil preservation, crop rotation, and even pollinator habitat. We love their loose and bunched red beets, but make sure you also try their cilantro, red or green Little Gem lettuce, red butter lettuce, and green slicer cucumbers.

Suncatcher Farm

4588 Bodega Ave, Petaluma, CA 94952 • (707) 637-6257

Based on the idea that a farm feeds both the community and the land, Suncatcher Farms in Petaluma are the “dirtiest” farmers we know in the absolute best way possible. By combining their extensive knowledge of soil biology and cultivation, they have turned their farm into a study of what agriculture could and should be. Each plant added to their 10 certified-organic acres is purposefully placed to promote not just the growth of crops but of the environment itself, and they are constantly adapting to better tailor their practices to the land they inhabit. Enjoy a bunch or two of their Siberian Red Frill kale in salads, braises, and more!

Confluence Farm

(843) 276-3218

Founded by former chefs and partners Andy and Julia, Confluence Farm was born from a genuine love of quality produce. Though neither one had farmed before, when they were given the opportunity to start their own farm, our intrepid food-professionals traded their chef’s coats for a pair of overalls and got to work, and what joyous work it has been! Through plenty of trial and error, as well as no small amount of help from their fellow farmers, this dynamic duo has created a farm where sustainability and quality are king and where nature dictates where the farm will go, not profit.

County Line Harvest

Red Hill Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 • (707) 769-1802

Located in Petaluma right on the Marin-Sonoma county line, the aptly named County Line Harvest are just as passionate about the people who grow their food as they are about the farm itself. Through their two locations, they manage to provide year-round employment for a dozen of their full-time employees as well as 9 months of seasonal work for an additional 35. Both original farms a Certified Organic, and their newest location replacing their Thermal location was certified Organic in December 2020.

Sausalito Springs

3855 Roblar Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 • (415) 331-5906

Sausalito Springs is the place to call when you need the freshest watercress you can get! They specialize in growing this leafy super-green, using only their own well water and triple-washing every bunch so that every leafy bunch is ready to use when you get it. Their sprigs keep their roots too, so every sprig will continue to grow until they’re used!

Russian River Organics

110-130-031, Healdsburg, CA 95448 • (707) 800-2143

Located just outside of Healdsburg, farmer Dave Pew has been working his land to produce high-quality, ecologically-minded produce since 2014. Their expansive array of heirloom crops are always planted with sustainability and ecology in mind, and they’re always picked and harvested on a precise schedule so that every customers receives at the peak of freshness and flavor. Bring home some of their Painted Serpent Armenian cucumbers to use in your next sandwich or salad.

Windrift Farms

Petaluma, CA , United States • (707) 242-6887

Owned and operated by Rian and Elle Gosser, Windrift Farms are Petaluma’s hot-spot of heirloom tomatoes. Using their 20+ years of tomato-growing experience, this team grow over 55 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, all on their certified organic land. By working closely with the soil as well as the plants, they grow tomatoes that are of the highest caliber of quality with the lowest possible environmental impact. Pick up their ultr-flavorful Beefsteak tomatoes, or choose from a selection of their colorful heirlooms.

Stony Point Strawberry Farm

735 Stony Point Rd, Petaluma CA 94952 • (510) 290-7273

Strawberry fields for you and me and everyone in Sonoma County! We firmly believe that these are the best strawberries you can get in the county, and we make sure to feature them every year for your snacking pleasure. Swing by their Santa Rosa farm to check out their namesake strawberries as well as blueberries, blackberries, and even freshly-laid eggs!

Parson’s Homegrown

1617 Wood Rd, Fulton, CA 95439  • (707) 573-3887

If you’re a tomato person, the Parson’s Homegrown are the farmers for you! This family-owned farm grows their delectable tomatoes exclusively in hydroponic greenhouses, using bees to pollinate their plants and rejecting chemical pesticides in favor of natural pest-control methods. This unique method means they can harvest tomatoes well outside of the normal tomato season, providing fresh tomatoes for markets and restaurants from January through August. Their tomatoes always picked at the peak of ripeness and never refrigerated, so you’re guaranteed pure, delicious tomato flavor every time. Bring home their tomatoes from Oliver’s, or catch them at the Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market!

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