Spotlight: Local Meat Companies

We want to extend a sincere “Thank You” to some of our local vendors for their help in providing proteins to Sonoma County during this tumultuous time. They have stepped up and provided us with special emergency deliveries as well as covering beef and pork shortages from national suppliers. Thank you for helping to keep us fed

Since opening our doors, Oliver’s has been fully aware of the power in community. Now more than ever, we are all finding ourselves leaning on our Sonoma County family to find our courage and keep our lives moving, and that especially includes local producers. We particularly want to thank those local meat companies continuing to provide high-quality proteins to Sonoma County – it is thanks to these companies and others like them that we have been able to continue to honor our promise to provide the best food we can to our customers. From making special deliveries to covering supply due to national meat shortages, these companies have gone above and beyond to serve their community, and we want them to know their efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Though the world may seem like an uncertain and unwelcoming place right now, we can take comfort in knowing that our community will continue to be #SonomaStrong.

Check out some of our favorite local meat companies, and help us say “Thank You” to the people who help make Sonoma County great!


Petaluma Poultry & Rocky/Rosie Chicken

Petaluma Poultry has pioneered the natural and organic poultry raising practices that represent the highest standard for fresh chicken production in the United States. People, Poultry and Planet: Their values are based on producing the finest poultry products while reducing waste, preserving the environment, supporting their employees’ success and contributing to the local community.

Stemple Creek Ranch

Stemple Creek Ranch is a 4th generation family owned and operated organic cattle ranch in Tomales, CA. Stemple Creek raises organic grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb using sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. The ranch is one of three demonstration farms participating in a decade-long study with the Marin Carbon Project. The study is providing a science-based roadmap that shows how best land management practices can mitigate climate change on a global scale.


Humboldt Grass Fed Beef

The cattle classified as Humboldt Grassfed are raised without hormones or antibiotics while grazing on the grasslands of Northern California, right here in our own backyard. This is where Grassfed beef gets its bold, sweet, grassy flavors from. Providing this nutritious and natural diet requires healthy soil and careful pasture management so that the plants are maintained at an optimal stage of growth.

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