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7759 Bell Road
Windsor, CA
(707) 799-7052

Sipsong Spirits

One hot summer day Tara was gathering with some friends. One of them happened to be the famed mixologist and author Scott Beattie, Artisanal Cocktails. Scott wanted to try what she had been making. To say Tara felt intimidated is an understatement here, but she didn’t let fear stop her. She served him her favorite blend thus far. His reaction brought her to tears, he loved it. It was unlike any other Gin he had tried, which had been her goal. To make something unexpected, and just perfect for a G & T. Coming from him this gave her the confidence to bring this first Gin to the market and to work on crafting more. He kept coming back to taste this first Gin again and again and this was how the first release of Sipsong was born.

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