Lakebound Candle Co.

To truly understand Lakebound Candle Co., we must go back in time — to car rides up windy dirt roads, in the heat of summer. Through the pine trees of Mendocino National Forest, to Lake Pillsbury. This is where Lea, the founder of Lakebound Candle spent her summer vacations. On the shores of the lake, endless summer days were spent swimming, jumping off the wooden dock, and learning to water ski. This is the beginning of Lakebound, before it was even an idea.

Lakebound Candle Co. first became a concept a few years ago, when Lea was researching gift ideas to give to her clients. As a graphic designer of 15 years, she wanted to give a gift that was meaningful. Lea had always had an appreciation for candles, and the way their fragrances evoke beloved memories. So while Lea was on the lookout for a meaningful gift, she began researching the process for making candles, considering them as a potential gift for her clients. 

What she discovered was that candles required more time and precision than she had originally perceived. Demanding exact measurements and careful balance to produce a candle that burns well. The discovery, however, was invigorating! The combination of creativity and science fascinated Lea. She began to practice the technique of candle making, and to her delight, found great joy in the process. About this time, Lea was also desiring a change from her graphic design career; as the constant computer work had come to be more wearing than enjoyable. Candle making, however, brought her joy. 

After extensive research, Lea decided to start her candle business. For the first few months she created Lakebound candles in the living room of her California home. However, she quickly outgrew the space. So Lea and her husband transformed part of their home into a studio space.

Lea made her first sale on Facebook to family and friends, bringing tremendous success. Then in March of 2019, Lea launched the Lakebound website, which now serves as her main point of sale, along with retail shops that carry the Lakebound brand. 

For Lea, Lakebound Candle Co. isn’t just a business. It’s founded on the happy memories of her childhood at the lake, and it’s Lea’s mission to help others remember their most joyous memories, through the fragrance of Lakebound candles.

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