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Carola’s Herbal Solutions

Carola Clark, was born and raised in Germany on November 20th 1928. At the age of 15, she developed a bad infection in her left shin bone. Due to the war, there were no antibiotics, such as penicillin, available. Medical doctors became convinced that the only solution was an amputation of the leg, below the knee. Fortunately her mother spoke with a pharmacist in their apartment building, about her condition. While he did not have access to antibiotics, he insisted he could help. He blended a mixture of Arnica Montana, and other medicinal ingredients to be applied throughout the day. After weeks of application, the leg was healed.

Arnica Montana is a common first aid treatment in most German households. When Carola came to America on May 20th1953 she maintained that tradition in America for the care of her family and friends. Five years ago, her son and husband suggested that she make this available to others. They also suggested Oliver’s Market might be interested, and much to her delight, they were, she is forever grateful to Oliver’s for that. When friends see her on the dance floor, they find her story miraculous, and so does she!

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