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1551 Ridley Road
Petaluma, CA 94952

Andante Dairy

Soyoung Scanlan is the soloist at the cheese making operation at Andante Dairy, which was established in July of 1999.

After studying life science and dairy science and working as a biochemist and a dairy scientist, Soyoung decided to become a cheese maker.

She named her company Andante, which is the tempo mark for many songlike movements that indicates a moderate rate of speed of a strolling walk, in order to describe her longing for the slower speed of life and the proper speed of traditional cheese making.

Soyoung uses Jersey cow’s milk, which is known as the best cow’s milk for cheese making, exclusively. She uses goat’s milk from the dairy farm on which her plant is operated.
All of her cheese is designed to bring out the magical property of milk and to reveal the essence of terroirs which the milk and the cheese are produced.
Her cheese is named after musical terms, e.g. Adagio, Rondo, and Nocturne to represent her love of music and her personified image of her cheese.

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