Meet Our Vendors: New Local Companies at Oliver’s!

At Oliver’s, we’ve always stressed “Sonoma County FIRST” when it comes to finding the best artisanal foods, and we have the laundry list of fantastic local products to prove it! We’re constantly adding new vendors and products to our shelves, and while each one is unique in their own way, we don’t often get the chance to show them each the love they deserve. Keep reading to learn about some of the incredible local vendors we’ve added to our lineup – from sauces to specialty meats to fresh cheeses, you’re certain to find the best of what’s new in local! Also, enjoy special deals this week on a range of products from our favorite local vendors, and celebrate the makers that keep Sonoma County thriving. Check it out!

*Ad prices valid through 2/23/21.

When it comes to local, we’d like to think we know a thing or two, especially when it comes to spotting the hottest new brands in town! Sonoma County is a hub for culture in California, and food has always been part of the story. Whether it’s heirloom Gravenstein orchards and family-run farms or the innumerable wineries, ranches, dairies, and breweries dotting our landscape, Sonoma County has unparalleled access to some of the highest quality products on the market. Since day one, Oliver’s has made showcasing these incredible artisans and their work one of our central goals, and we’ve done our best to integrate as many Sonoma County products as possible into each of our departments.

This has always had a real and tangible effect on the local economy, but nothing has shown the advantages of buying local quite as starkly as COVID-19. Nationally, supply chains are struggling, and it has become almost commonplace for stores to be out of products for days or even weeks at a time. While we’ve certainly felt the sting of this strain ourselves, it has been mitigated significantly thanks to our vast array of local vendors. Through this local supply chain, we’ve managed to keep our prices and our products relatively consistent at a time when consistency is generally not a guarantee. Particularly in areas like our meat and produce departments, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our local producers for allowing us to continue offering the level of quality our customers have come to expect from Oliver’s Markets. We are truly grateful for their tireless dedication to their craft and the people of Sonoma County!

In addition to supporting tried-and-true artisans, we’re always on the lookout for fresh local brands, and so we’re constantly adding new local products to our shelves. With so many brands to keep track of, we’ve made it easy to pick out what’s locally made – just glance at the tag! All local products will be labeled with a green tag or our Locally Made label; if you see a green label on the shelf, you know you’ve got a genuine Sonoma County-made product! Still not sure? Don’t worry! Below, we’ve assembled some of our favorite new (and new-ish) local vendors – these vendors are the cream of the crop (sometimes literally), and we love each and every one like a part of the family. Keep reading to see why, and find your next favorite local purchase today!

Bakery: True Delicious

(Biscotti, $6.99/ea)

Located in Petaluma, True Delicious really lives up to their name! These bakers specialize in creating authentic Biscotti along with other classic, Italian cookies, and they made sure to source their high-quality ingredients as locally as possible. Everything from True Delicious is 100% all-natural, with no chemical additives of any kinds, so you know their products are always fresh and deliciously guilt-free. Pick up a pack of their biscotti to go with freshly brewed coffee from our Bakery!

Cheese: Bohemian Creamery

(“Flower Power” Cheese, $29.99/lb)

Perched in the hills just outside Sebastopol, Bohemian Creamery is a true cross-section of all things Sonoma County. With goats, cows, and water buffalo raised on clover and sweet grasses and plenty of salty fog to feed their cheeses as they age, Bohemian Creamery’s range of handmade cheeses really taste of the land from which they come. Like, for instance, their ultra-delicious Flower Power! A blend of fresh milk and honey, this pyramid of organic jersey cow’s milk is crowned with local bee pollen and boasts an airy texture that floats on your tongue like a fluffy cloud. When young, the flavor is lactic and fresh becoming more pronounced as the thin bloomy rind breaks down the paste into a runny creamline. No matter what the cheese, we know if it comes from Bohemian Creamery, it just can’t be beat.

Deli: Spring Hill Cheese/Petaluma Creamery

A staple of our dairy shelves for ages, Petaluma Creamery (a.k.a. Spring Hill Cheese) has recently made the jump to our deli counters as well! This Petaluma institution was established over 100 years ago and has been producing amazing, Jersey cow’s milk cheeses ever since. Their herd of 400 happy Jersey cows graze in verdant Sonoma County pastures and are always raised 100% organically and without GMO’s. As a result, these cows produce some of the best milk in country, which naturally lends itself to some of the best cheeses in the country as well. Find their entire line of aged and fresh cheeses plus cheese curds in our dairy section, or enjoy a selection of their cheeses by the pound from our deli!

Meat: Journeyman Artisan Meat Co.

(Applewood-Smoked Bacon, $8.99/lb)

The culmination of generations of craftsmanship, Journeyman Artisan Meat Company is a celebration of all things meat! Journeyman Meats in the brainchild and passion project of Peter Seghesio, who had previously run the hundred-year-old Seghesio Family Winery from 1987 to 2011. Fascinated with artisanal meat production since childhood, Peter took stepping away from the winery as his opportunity to step into the world of fine Italian meats, and Journeyman Meat Co. was born! Now based out of Healdsberg, Journeyman produces all manner of cured, smoked, and fresh meats prepared in the Italian tradition, drawing their inspiration and technique from skilled, Italian master artisans. Find their Applewood-Smoked Cured Bacon in our meat department, or check out a variety of their artisan salumi and salami in the gourmet cheese department!

Produce: Confluence Farm

Founded by former chefs and partners Andy and Julia, Confluence Farm was born from a genuine love of quality produce. Though neither one had farmed before, when they were given the opportunity to start their own farm on a plot of land in Sebastopol, our intrepid food-professionals traded their chef’s coats for a pair of overalls and got to work, and what joyous work it has been! Through plenty of trial and error (as well as no small amount of help from their fellow farmers) this dynamic duo has created a farm where sustainability and quality are king and where nature dictates where the farm will go, not profit. We love their gorgeous heads of fresh red butter lettuce when they’re in season – just call ahead and ask what we’ve got from Confluence to make sure!

Natural Grocery: Miyoko’s Creamery

(Organic Vegan Cultured Butter, $3.89/ea)

Find your phenomenal vegan self with plant-powered dairy alternatives from Miyoko’s Creamery! The original artisan cheesemaker, Miyoko’s is innovative in every sense of the word. Their mission is simple: create delicious, artisanal cheeses that are entirely plant-based while advocating for animal welfare and an end to animal-based dairy. Despite becoming a national hit, they still make their vegan cheeses, butter, and more at their creamery in Petaluma – you can find their entire range of products our dairy section! This week, grab some of their organic, vegan Cultured Butter; no matter how you use it, you know it will taste delicious and come packed with organic plant goodness.

Wellness: Bloomfield Fine Goods

(“Local Vibes” Bath Soak, $5.99/ea)

To quote the maker, Bloomfield Fine Goods is the work of a mom “whose love of creating natural care products has transformed into a small but mighty business.” Every Bloomfield product is created with intention and care right here in Sonoma County, and from the start, they have been committed to creating natural products using real ingredients. Opting for organic ingredients whenever possible, they never use synthetic dyes or fragrances, instead scenting their products exclusively with essential oils and coloring them only with plant-dyes. Their packaging is less flashy than eco-focused and is always 100% recyclable. Catch the local vibes with their bath soak, or swing by Wellness to check out some of their other locally made bath products!

Wine, Beer, & Spirits: Hanson’s of Sonoma

(Vodka, $19.99/ea)

Hanson’s is truly a Sonoma County original and is really in a league all its own. That’s because this organic, non-GMO vodka is made exclusively from GRAPES – that’s right, grapes! Family owned and operated, Hanson’s is the culmination of decades of hard work and experimentation, thanks in no small part to the mentorship of the famed Ceja Vineyards family. In a process that requires the grapes to first be turned into wine, Hanson’s has found a way to distill ultra-smooth vodka every time, making it the ultimate for both sipping and mixing. Their infused vodkas are always made with real, organic produce, lending a flavor and freshness that simply can’t be replicated. While they’ve expanded somewhat over the years, their base of operations remains where they were founded in the heart of Sonoma.

With these brands plus hundreds more, Oliver’s is the place to be for all things Sonoma County Local! Add a little more local to your diet this week with special discounts on tons of our favorite local products in all of our departments. We never cease to be blown away by the boundless talent and creativity of Sonoma County’s artisans, and with deals like these, there’s never been a better time to find your new favorite local product. Stop by, and start shopping like a local today!

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