Love Like a Local – Locally Made Valentine’s Day Gifts at Oliver’s!

At Oliver’s, local means Sonoma County, and to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, you know we HAD to pull out all the stops when it comes to finding fresh and local Valentine’s Day gifts. From artisan-made chocolates to sexy, all-natural surprises, there’s something to make everyone’s Valentine’s Day special, and with great deals all over the store, your honey won’t be the only one getting lucky! Show Sonoma County makers some love, and check out what Oliver’s has waiting for you.

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Valentine’s Day gifts seem to be so, well, boring these days. Stores become flooded with all things pink and romantical in nature, and in such a whirlwind of technicolor and fuzz, it’s hard to distinguish which way is up or down, let alone the perfect gift to make somebody swoon. Anyone in who loves someone will tell you that they are most unique and wonderful individual on the planet, so the prospect of handing that special person something less-than worthy of your love for them can be quite the depressing prospect.

We understand, and it’s true – for such a brightly colored holiday, Valentine’s Day sure has become bland. When mass produced gifts just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to think smaller scale. There are unique finds waiting around every corner just outside your front door, and at Oliver’s, we believe the best way to show the special people in your life they matter is with unique items made in our own beloved Sonoma County. Whether it’s a lifelong love or a budding romance, the apple of your eye or your first date ever, Oliver’s know that the right gifts say a thousand words. To make sure your gifts say exactly what you want them to, we’ve put together four sets of our favorite local products perfect for Valentine’s Day. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for discounts you’ll love on featured ad items we love!

Now, slip on your rose-colored glasses, and get ready for the most romantic tour of Sonoma County yet!

First Date

Gift – First off, kudos to you on scoring a first date! Sweep your date off their feet by presenting them with a beautiful flower arrangement from Oliver’s Floral Department. Arranged in-house with beautiful, fresh-cut flowers, it’s the perfect thing to start a date off on the right foot. Flowers not quite the thing to impress your date? No problem, they also have adorable potted succulents, and who can resist one of those!

Snacks – Impress your date with delicious Seared Ahi Tuna ($16.99/lb) straight from our deli to your kitchen. Crusted in sesame seeds and lightly seared, it’s the perfect healthy alternative to a heavy restaurant meal, which means you can spend less time feeling gassy and more time laying some sweet game on your date. Mix it up white rice, fresh cucumbers, carrots, avocado, and Sriracha for homemade spicy tuna bowls, or toss it with fresh greens and peanut-sesame dressing for a hearty dinner salad.

Drink – Skip the booze on the first date; instead, offer them a nightcap of Bella Rosa Organic Coffee ($7.99-$9.99/ea). Family owned and operated in Sonoma County, Bella Rosa’s organic beans are specially roasted to produce coffee that is low in acid but high in flavor. Pick up some of their decaf for a drink that will round out the night without keeping anyone up, or keep the conversation rolling with any of their other signature roasts and blends.

Chocolate – It may seem corny, but there’s really nothing sweeter than receiving chocolates, especially when they’re made in Sonoma County, but you’ll outstrip every other truffle by a mile with Oliver’s Own Chocolate Decadence Cake for two($14.99/ea, 4 inch cake). Made from silky chocolate ganache and sumptuous dark chocolate, it’s perfect for splitting after a picnic in the park or over a cup of Bella Rosa coffee back at your place.

Rekindling the Romance

Gift – Set the mood with locally made, all-natural soy candles from Emily Lynch ($12.99/ea, selected varieties). Made without phthalates by a local artisan, these hand-poured candles burn beautifully clean every time and come in a variety of different scents to choose from. We love their vanilla soy candle  –  it’s the perfect scent for a romantic setting, and everyone know that candlelight is the ideal lighting for romance!

Snack – A fancy French cheese definitely spells “ROMANCE”, but why go all the way to France when there’s great cheese in your own backyard? Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam cheese ($22.99/lb) is as rich as any fine French round, only better because it’s made right here! One of Sonoma County’s favorite creameries, the Cowgirl’s flagship cheese is a beautiful, butter bomb with a fluffy white bloomy rind. Made with local organic cow’s milk, Mt Tam’s heart is dense and rich with a slowly ripening creamline that gets more unctuous with age, just like a good marriage.

Drink – Liven up the night with a lively bottle of Balletto’s Rosé of Pinot Noir ($12.99/ea, 2018). Made from grapes grown in the Russian River Valley, this rosé features bright notes of savory guava, while watermelon and lime combine with a light, delicate texture for a pretty and delicious wine. Much like a good relationship, this rosé is the perfect balance of acidity and depth, and the delicate blush color instantly makes you think of romance. It also goes perfectly with pan-seared filet mignon and broiled lobster tails as part of a full Valentine’s Day feast – check it out here!

Chocolates – Really show your honey the love with chocolates that are as unique as they are with the Farm Chocolate Craft Confection’s 9 piece Oliver’s Assortment ($15.99/ea). Handmade in Sebastopol by local artisan Patty Doyle, these incredible chocolates are made using fair trade chocolate and local organic ingredients wherever possible. These Oliver’s exclusive boxes feature 9 delectable bites of our favorite Farm creations like Matcha Tea Truffle, Whiskey Caramel, and Cognac Truffle Fig. All are sure to make your sweetie swoon.

Sexy Surprise

Gift – Make Valentine’s Day a little naughtier naturally with Sensuous Beauty’s locally-made Love Balm ($12.99/ea, selected varieties)! This organic love balm is an all-natural lubricant made from pure coconut oil and essential oils to create a long-lasting slippery sensation. When cold, Love Balm is a solid that melts on the skin; at 76 degrees, it becomes completely liquid. A little Love Balm goes a long way, and it never dries up or gets sticky. It has amazing glide and doubles as an excellent massage oil, or add it to a bath for a sexy and intimate couple’s retreat.

Snack – Keep it sexy with Oliver’s Own freshly made Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries ($12.99/lb). These fresh strawberries are hand dipped in chocolate by our talented Bakery Department staff, and they make a fabulously light and refreshing end to a decadent Valentine’s Day dinner. We still like to think they taste best when fed to you by the sexiest person you know, just saying.

Drink – Nothing says “l’amour” quite like a beautiful wine, and Martin Ray’s Tina Marie Pinot Noir ($19.99/ea, 2017) is certainly a beautiful wine. Made with grapes grown exclusively in the Green Valley region of the Russian River Valley, the fruit-driven bouquet is elegantly layered with bright, tart cranberry, deep red cherry and boysenberry with a hint of jasmine blossom. Enjoy it as a sensual solo act or pair it with a few squares of dark chocolate for an exciting end (or maybe start…) to the night.

Chocolate – Chocolate is truly the ultimate sexy gift, what other snack makes you feel like you’re more in love as you eat it! Arouse the senses with an assortment of chocolates from Sonoma Chocolatiers. Consistently voted Best Chocolatiers in Sonoma County 2009, Sonoma Chocolatiers use only the finest ingredients to create over 130 flavors of chocolates, truffles, bars, barks, and bites. They use as many local and organic ingredients as they can get their hands on, and their chocolate is always Rainforest Alliance Certified. Try some of their soft and chewy caramels for a seductive bite, or indulge your inner hedonist with their Taste the Darkside box set.

No matter what you get your loved one this Valentine’s Day, make it as unique and special as they are with Oliver’s, and fall in love like a local!

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