Local Cheese & Beer Pairings

This week, celebrate all things local with the ultimate marriage of cheese and beer! Cheese and wine may reign supreme, but we believe that Sonoma County’s world-class beers are up to the challenge. With special deals on our favorite local beers and cheeses, and easy-to-follow pairing notes from our cheese and beer experts, you bring a world-class tasting experience to the comfort of your own home! Check it out!

*Prices good through 6/9/20

Sonoma County is well known as a hub of all things good food and drink, and we want to celebrate that abundance with some of the most delicious (and most indulgent) pairings to date – beer and cheese. Yes, this is a bold statement to make in the heart of wine country, but much like with dating, it’s good to play the field sometimes, and Sonoma County has so much more than wine on offer. In fact, we can now boast over two dozen breweries in our fair county alone, along with eight cideries and fifteen distilleries. In addition, the fertile Sonoma County countryside is perfect for producing some of the highest quality cheeses in the world, and with sixty-nine dairies in the county alone, Sonoma County is primed for some very tasty cross-pollination.

Our experts have combed through their ancient archives and dusted off their tomes of knowledge to bring you three superbly Sonoma County cheese and beer pairings. Enjoy one or all three as a restaurant-quality experience in the comfort of your own home, or coordinate with friends for a luxurious and informative e-date. Whether you’re a beer and cheese afficionado or a pairing newbie, there’s something for everyone at Oliver’s!

Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese + Seismic Liquefaction Kolsch Style Ale

($19.99/lb.; 6 pack/12 oz. Cans, $8.99+CRV)

Though Two Rock Valley and Seismic Brewing couldn’t be more different in how they got started, their core values are the same: love of the product, and a fastidious attention to detail. Maybe that’s why this beer and cheese pair so well! The tangy and salty characteristics of the goat cheese play well with the funky notes of the Kolsch, leaving a smooth finish of subtle sweetness on tongue. It the perfect treat for a hot summer’s day, or wake up your appetite with the bold flavor as an appetizer before dinner.

Bellwether Farms Carmody + Henhouse IPA

($17.99/lb.; 4 pack/16 oz. Cans $10.99+CRV)

If there was ever a match made in beer and cheese heaven, it would be this! Like a punk rocker and a beauty queen, Bellwether Farm’s Carmody and Henhouse’s classic IPA make a pair that is far more than the sum of its parts. With well-rounded juiciness and hoppy notes from the IPA as well as the grassy characteristics in the cheese, this pairing enjoys an elegant balance of flavors, with just a hint of butterfat to achieve perfect harmony on the palate. These two are great as an upscale alternative to your standard game-day fair, or add some fruit and nuts for the perfect picnic in the backyard!

Valley Ford Grazin’ Girl + Moonlight Brewing Death and Taxes Black Lager

($14.99/lb.; 4 pack/16 oz Cans $10.99+CRV)

If our previous pairing was made in heaven, this pairing was made somewhere that was far darker and more sultry. Moonlight Brewing’s Death and Taxes sports devilishly smokey nuances which pair beautifully with the grassy and salty notes of Valley Ford’s Grazin’ Girl. A clean, incredibly long finish boasting hints of coffee and butter rounds out the experience, making for a mouthful that’s truly unforgettable. This is the perfect pairing for late nights around the fire pit and under the stars, or put on your favorite black and white filme noir for a mystery movie night for one.

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