Holy Cow! 10% Off Stemple Creek Ranch Organic Beef

It’s officially Spring, which means warm days full of sunshine and evenings full of grilling! That makes this the perfect time for us to take 10% off our entire line of Stemple Creek Ranch organic beef. Raised just to the south in beautiful Marin County, this grass-fed organic beef is your best choice in local beef. With tons of options and quality assurance across the board, this meat can’t be beat – check it out!

*Offer valid through 4/27/21.


It may be spring, but we’re starting the summer fun early at Oliver’s with 10% off Stemple Creek Ranch’s entire line of organic, grass-fed beef! Now, we don’t like to brag or anything, but we here at Oliver’s like to think our meat department is, shall we say, a cut above the rest, and nothing exemplifies that ideal quite like Stemple Creek beef. Located in Tomales, this family-owned farm has been in business for over a hundred years and was most recently converted to produce world-class organic beef, lamb, and Berkshire pork, all with a focus on humane and sustainable practices. We added their beef to our lineup in 2017, and baby, we’ve never looked back!

The history of Stemple Creek reflects the history of Sonoma County, and indeed the entirety of America – in the early 1900’s, Stemple Creek founder Angelo Poncia immigrated to the tiny outpost of Fallon from his homeland of Italy. There he established a successful dairy farm which would eventually become the Stemple Creek Ranch we know today. Currently, the ranch is owned and operated by Angelo’s great-grandson Loren and his wife Lisa, and it is their vision of humane and sustainable agriculture that drives Stemple Creek into the future. In fact, the vast majority of their land is certified organic and all one thousand plus acres at Stemple Creek are 100% protected through the Marin Agricultural Trust (MALT), guaranteeing that it will remain a part of the agricultural landscape of Marin for generations to come.

Stemple Creek splits their focus between maintaining the land over which they have stewardship and producing the highest quality meat available; to that end, all their animals are of the highest pedigree, and their herds have been honed to produce the finest possible meat available. In addition, all their animals are free-range and grass-fed from birth to harvest, and all are raised completely organically. These animals are routinely rotated through different pastures to ensure that the land itself will remain productive for years to come. Stemple Creek is also part of a ground-breaking experiment in sequestering carbon in their soil, a practice which has the potential to revolutionize sustainable agriculture. To allow them to produce year-round, Stemple Creek grazes their animals on both their home ranch and in several other pastures around Northern California. They have also partnered with several other local herds who have agreed to maintain the strict standards set by Stemple Creek. Most importantly, no animal in their care ever sees a feed lot; instead, they live as nature intended, which directly translates into consistently superior meat.

At Oliver’s, we’ve always felt that part of our job is highlighting the local businesses that make our stores as special as they are, and Stemple Creek Ranch is no exception. This week, come into any of our stores and get 10% off all of our Stemple Creek organic, grass-fed beef – no matter what cut you choose, you’ll be able to rest assured that it’s delicious and “udder”-ly guilt free!

Check out below to watch a comprehensive video about Stemple Creek’s sustainability efforts!

For more information on Stemple Creek and to order from their full line of products, click HERE.

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