Gourmet Cheese Adventures: Cheese Camp at Jasper Hill Farms

By Wade Johnson, Gourmet Cheese Coordinator, Oliver’s Market

Attending Jasper Hill Farm Cheese Camp was a once in a lifetime experience, helping to fuel my continued passion for artisan cheese. Experiencing their incredible operation firsthand, connecting with passionate people in the field, observing the level of dedication shown in every step of the cheesemaking process, touring the cheese vault, and of course, eating all the delicious cheese Jasper Hill Farm has to offer is just the tip of the iceberg.

The breathtaking rural landscape of Vermont sets the stage for the incredible work done by these world-renowned cheesemakers. Dedicated to respecting the land through regenerative agriculture, supporting such a producer is an easy decision based on their values, but their stewardship is matched or surpassed in the quality of their products. These cheeses are great for all of the best reasons!

During cheese camp we participated in several educational workshops led by industry experts on the Jasper Hill team, covering a range of topics including the importance of microbes, herd management, milk chemistry, ripening and aromas, and sensory evaluation. Information is an invaluable commodity we have to offer our customers as an independent grocer, and our continued education is fundamental to providing customers with a cheese experience they won’t soon forget.

Jasper Hill Farm is heavily involved in every step of the cheesemaking process, starting with controlling the quality of the feed all the way to the end point, their amazing cheeses. They are heavily involved with their community in Greensboro, Vermont and are constantly creating innovative ways to “bring value to agriculture”. They buy their milk at a price far beyond the industry standard so local dairy farmers in the community can thrive. In return, they receive milk far beyond the industry standard, to produce better cheese. Balance, harmony, and passion were recurring themes throughout the experience.

Their jaw-dropping state-of-the-art cheese vault houses a wide variety of some of the best cheese the world has to offer. This is where they’ll ripen to perfection before they make their way to the best restaurants and cheese retailers around the country.

So why does it matter? Why travel all the way to Vermont to attend a Cheese Camp? Building these relationships firsthand and seeing every part of the operation helps us make informed decisions on which cheeses we choose to highlight in our cheese cases. Continued education helps us provide staff and customers with a more impactful cheese experience, with knowledge that will last a lifetime. A personal relationship and deeper understanding of the products we offer fuels the passion which drives our industry.

Keep an eye out in the coming months for Jasper Hill Farms’ amazing cheeses, as we continue to support this incredible American cheese producer. Please ask one of our many qualified cheese mongers for a sample of one of their incredible cheeses. We would be happy to share the experience of these outstanding cheeses with you.

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