Go Hog-Wild for Oliver’s Natural Pork

We have the quality pork you’re looking for at affordable prices that are easy to take a bite out of. Available in our meat departments!

Over the years, we’ve made a habit of producing Oliver’s products that are of the quality our customers want and at the prices they need, and we’ve done it again with Oliver’s Natural Pork! We could have given it a fancy name, but we feel that what really matters is quality and a product that speaks for itself; we’ve put our name on it, so you know that we stand behind this pork 100%, satisfaction guaranteed! This pork is truly the best of the best, and you can rest easy knowing that our entire line of pork is completely guilt-free. These pigs are humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones, without gestation crates, and on a strictly vegetarian diet, which has added benefit of giving this pork a superior flavor and texture. And with a range of cuts to choose from, there’s a sustainable pork option for every dish.

Our pork is also part of the nationally recognized Farmcheck® Program, which means a few things for our customers. Farmcheck is based on analysis of a protein supply chain versus the standards set by the program; essentially, Farmcheck looks at everything that goes into the production of a piece of meat and makes sure that, at every step in the process, the welfare of the animal is at the forefront. They require farms to participate in third-party audits to ensure that animals have access to food and water, hygienic and appropriate living conditions, proper human-animal interaction, and that workers are adequately trained to deal with raising livestock. Farmcheck makes sure that farmers are providing their animals with the care they need to not only produce a superior quality of meat, but to have done so with integrity.

Stop into Oliver’s today and bring home a delicious, tender cut of our Oliver’s Natural Pork, we guarantee that it will be the quality and price you have come to expect of anything with the Oliver’s name attached! And while you’re at it, check out these awesome recipes using Oliver’s Natural Pork for a little inspiration; try them all! Preferably before pigs fly.

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