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Of course, there are many who feel that ‘a day is a day’ and that a new year is an artificial construct, but at the very least, hopefully we can agree that a new year can be used as a milestone for reflection, insight, and improvement. It could also be the opportunity to recognize how much is working well for you, and if that’s the case, bravo!

Now, we know how making official New Year’s Resolutions can go, so at Oliver’s, we are all about making small changes that work specifically for you. Nothing crazy, nothing drastic, not a new diet — often just some small tweaks to a routine that bring you to another level. We call this concept “The Healthiest You” because it really is up to you to decide what is important and what your personal success looks like.

Simple goals like drinking an additional glass or two of water each day, going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier, or changing one unhealthy snack into a healthier one daily can add up and make a real difference over time. Think about your own goals and make a commitment to change one or two things. Once those are habits, you may want to pick another, but no pressure!

Our Wellness Department wants to do their part to get you off to a great start this year, so if any of your goals involve health and wellness, you are at the right place!

  • Special Pricing All Month Long: We have more than 40 lines of vitamins, supplements, and personal care products with prices up to 40% OFF! Check out this list of participating vendors here.
  • More Reasons to Shop Oliver’s for Wellness: We are proud of our knowledgeable and helpful Wellness team. They can answer your questions and know our inventory well, so unlike a website, you get service, support, and great guidance in real time. We also have some great raffles for Apple gift cards presented by Garden of Life and Apple Watches from Vega, so stop in and enter to win at any of our four locations.
  • Garden of Life Recipes: One of our biggest sales in January comes to us from Garden of Life. Check out their special offers, enter the raffle, and don’t miss our collection of great recipes using their products here.

Real Food: Of course, if you are looking for Sonoma County’s finest meat, seafood, poultry and produce, Oliver’s is the place to shop. Additionally, with fresh cut fruits and vegetables, a wide range of functional beverages, our ready to eat line of Fit Friendly Foods, and an excellent selection of plant-based foods, Oliver’s is a one stop shop for kicking of the new year with fresh, delicious and nutritious options. Watch for more healthy specials in other departments this month, too.

From everyone at Oliver’s Market, we wish you a Happy New Year and cheers to the Healthiest You!

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