Celebrating Local Artisan Cheesemakers

As our community pulls together through this global pandemic, it is now more than ever we need to support local makers and producers.  With restaurants at reduced capacity, our local artisan cheesemakers are struggling to find homes for their lovingly crafted cheeses.  Farm animals cannot pause their milk production, and so the show, or more accurately the “Make”, must go on.  Please join us in supporting our local and surrounding Artisan Cheesemakers and allow them to nourish you while they tend to our beautiful lands and enrich life in Sonoma County.  We thank you for your support.

*Prices good through 7/21/20.

Every so often, something comes along and smacks you right in the kisser, upending your life and the lives of those around you. Coronavirus has been such an event, and while this marathon may not be over yet, it’s never too early to keep showing love to the artisans that make up the heartbeat of Sonoma County. Like many businesses around the country and around the world, our local cheesemakers have taken a beating during the pandemic, and as a business rooted in supporting Sonoma County artisans, we’ve decided we have to help. This week, stop into any Oliver’s location and get great deals on a selection of some of Sonoma County’s best artisan cheeses. We’re featuring cheeses made right in the center of Sonoma County farmland as well as few from our close neighbors, but all are made with the spirit and drive that is quintessential to our little corner of paradise.

In these turbulent times, it is more important than ever to stand together and build up our fellow human beings. Shop local, wear a mask, and stay Sonoma Strong!

Bohemian Creamery “Flower Power”


One mile outside of Sebastopol on a clover covered hilltop overlooking the Mayacamas is Bohemian Creamery, owned and operated by cheesemaker Lisa Gottreich. A beautiful blend of milk and honey, Flower Power is a soft ripened pyramid of grass-fed cow’s milk laced with bursts of local bee pollen.  A true Sonoma County Original, pair with a ripe white wine such as Chenin Blanc.

Bohemian Creamery “BoDacious”


A creamy lactic goat’s milk cheese with a thin, fluffy white rind BoDacious is perfection paired with a local Sauvignon Blanc, crusty bread, and spicy green salad.

Bohemian Creamery “Capriago”


An Asiago style with a Sonoma County twist, crafted from farmstead goat’s milk and aged 8-12 months.  This nutty full-flavored cheese is great for melting and even better paired with a full-bodied white wine or a light crisp red.

Ramini Buffalo Mozzarella


The dream of a husband and wife team, Ramini is the only dairy in California to produce the extraordinary Mozzarella di Bufala.  Handcrafted in small batches from their own herd of water buffalo, the texture is rich and buttery, the flavor tangy and fresh.  Perfect for salad, pizza, or the first of your summer tomatoes.

Bellwether Farms “San Andrea”


Crafted from raw sheep’s milk, these petite tommes trace their roots to the Italy’s Tuscan Pecorinos.  The rich buttery texture of sheep’s milk is balanced with sharp and nutty flavors from culture and age.

Bellwether Farms “Pepato”


A rich and nutty sheep’s milk tomme studded with whole black peppercorns, Bellwether’s Pepato is an Italian inspired pecorino style with a more mellow Sonoma County sensibility.

WM Colfield “Big McKinley” Cheddar


Sonoma County’s only Bandage Wrapped Cheddar is crafted by Keith Adams in the Sebastopol Barlow from local, organic, grass-fed milk.   Aged in custom built caves for up to one year, the flavor is rich and buttery with a grassy tang on the finish.  Enjoy with sliced apples or pears and a chilled chardonnay, cider, or pilsner.

Bivalve Dairy Mendonca


A 6th generation dairy family turned cheesemakers, the Taylor family hand makes this St. Jorge style cheese from their own raw organic milk. Aged at least 6 months, the flavor is buttery and balanced with a tangy sharp finish.  Enjoy sliced from the block with a crisp apple or try it melted on a sandwich.

Valley Ford Creamery “Grazin’ Girl” Blue


Made with the raw milk from their own herd of Jersey Cows, this lush dreamy blue is buttery and creamy with the perfect touch of earthy balance. Enjoy on burgers or with summer tomatoes.  For pairing perfection try with a black lager or stout.

Dacheva & Sons Golden Brie


Crafted from Sonoma County’s pasture raised fresh Jersey cow’s milk, which imparts the “golden” hue.  This petite brie sports a delicate bloomy rind that lends way to an unctuous creamline.  The rich dense heart of this pudgy little brie reveals earthy notes underlying the predominant flavor of sweet fresh cream.  Pair this rich brie with local Chardonnay or Sparkling wine.

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