Beer, Burgers, and Cheese – Oh My!

There’s no better way to enjoy a gourmet cheeseburger than with the perfect beer, but some beers and burgers go together better than others. This week, celebrate American Craft Beer Week and get into the Summer spirit with insanely savory beer, burger, and gourmet cheese pairings from Oliver’s! Our culinary experts have taken our house-made, Choice beef gourmet burger patties and paired them, not only with the ultimate cheesy topper, but with the absolute perfect craft beer as well. With three pairings to choose from, there’s an option to suit everyone’s taste, and we’ve slashed the prices to make every pairing that much tastier. Fire up the grill and fill up the ice chest – it’s beer and burger time at Oliver’s!

*Sale prices valid through 5/18/21.

Call us your culinary matchmaker, because we’ve done it again! In honor of American Craft Beer Week, we’ve gone back to the old drawing board and rustled up some pairings, and we have to say, these may be our finest yet. Yes, this week, we’ve taken some our very favorites in craft beer and paired them with the king of sandwiches – the burger, and not just any burger, but Oliver’s House-Made Gourmet Burgers. Of course, because we’re Oliver’s and we never do things halfway, just pairing delicious beer and burgers wasn’t enough; no, these pairings needed some extra sparkle, and what adds more sparkle to a burger than the perfect cheese? Gird your loins, it’s time for the ultimate summer trifecta: craft beer, gourmet burgers, and gourmet cheese, and it’s all at Oliver’s!

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why do I need a special pairing for my burgers and beer?” While you may be correct if this were any other burger, our Oliver’s House-Made Gourmet Burgers deserve a little more TLC, especially with how much lovely flavor they have to give. That’s because we hand-make all our patties in-house with USDA Choice, 100% Angus beef (the same beef we sell in our cases) and fresh ingredients like mushrooms, bacon, onions, house-made sauces, and more. With all these flavors in a burger, it’s important to keep in mind what other flavors and textures will be the most complimentary and help enhance the best aspects of each bite, helping to highlight subtle nuances and create a better experience overall. This week, you enjoy the spoils and let us take care the guesswork with three incredible pairings from Oliver’s! Put together by Justin Bowman (Cotati Wine Manager) and Wade Johnson (Cotati Gourmet Cheese Manager), this specially selected triad of trios takes the classic burger experience and turns it on its head, bringing the gourmet brew-pub experience straight to your own kitchen – check them out below!



Seismic Liquification Kölsch + Wm Cofield McKinley Cheddar + OMG Burger

Local Seismic Liquification Kölsch Style Ale is an Old-World style of beer with nuances of salted butter and a finish reminiscent of fresh hay. When paired with the OMG burger and locally made Wm Cofield McKinley Cheddar the word succulent comes to mind.



Offshoot Beer Co. Relax Hazy IPA + MiFroma Cave Aged Gruyere + Bacon Mushroom Swiss

Offshoot’s Relax Hazy IPA has fantastical umami of browned butter and salted caramel, with a hint of cleansing acidity on the finish. This is a perfect match with the earthiness of the Bacon Mushroom Swiss burger and the full-bodied taste of MiFroma Cave Aged Gruyere!




Barrel Brother’s Dark Sarcasm Porter + Valley Ford Grazin’ Girl + Steakhouse Burger

Barrel Brother’s Dark Sarcasm Porter, with the Grazin’ Girl Gorgonzola style cheese, is a flavor bomb resembling salted fudge with a lingering finish of sweetness, leaving the palate craving one more bite. This robust beer has just enough roasted, malty backbone to stand up to the richness of the delicious Steakhouse Burger and the exquisite locally made Grazin’ Girl Gorgonzola Style cheese from Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery.

Still thirsty for more? Click HERE to learn more about pairing beers and cheeses, or click HERE for a deep-dive into the history of American craft beer! Plus, stop by any Oliver’s Market this week for fantastic deals on all things American Craft Beer! You can also find recipes for all these burgers and more HERE!

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