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Honoring Women’s History Month at Oliver’s Market

March is Women’s History Month, an annual recognition of the essential roles women have played as leaders, innovators, makers, and doers throughout our country’s evolution. Oliver’s is celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring some of the many women-owned, -founded, and -led businesses we are proud to call our partners. We would be remiss if we did not also acknowledge the huge role that women have played throughout our company’s history, where they have been managers, executives, leaders and doers since day one in November 1988.

Check out our highlighted companies below, followed by even more products in every department this week, all featured at special prices so that you can feel extra good about celebrating!

Note: All prices in effect through March 14, 2023 at all four Oliver’s Market locations.

Supporting women-owned, -founded, and -led businesses is an investment into a future of economic success, innovation, and equality, and helps shape the way young girls see themselves as they grow and develop into leaders.

But First, Some History…

As with many struggles for recognition throughout American history, Women’s History Month required years of effort to achieve. Its origins as a national celebration began in 1981 when Congress passed Pub. L. 97-28 which authorized and requested the President to proclaim the week beginning March 7, 1982 as “Women’s History Week.” Throughout the next five years, Congress continued to pass joint resolutions designating a week in March as “Women’s History Week.” In 1987 after being petitioned by the National Women’s History Project, Congress passed Pub. L. 100-9 which designated the month of March 1987 as “Women’s History Month.” Between 1988 and 1994, Congress passed additional resolutions requesting and authorizing the President to proclaim March of each year as Women’s History Month. Since 1995, presidents have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March as “Women’s History Month.” These proclamations celebrate the contributions women have made to the United States and recognize the specific achievements women have made over the course of American history in a variety of fields.

Met Our Women Food & Beverage Makers: Founders, Owners and Leaders

We asked our buying team to select some of their favorite women producers and their products, so without further ado, here they are!

COOKIE…take a bite!

  • COOKIE…take a bite! is a local woman founded, -owned, and -led business from Tracy Mattson that produces all natural, artisan cookies. Tracy was working as a Pastry Chef, putting in long hours when she realized that if she was going to work this hard, it should be for herself. Doing one thing, and doing it well is the motto of COOKIE…take a bite! They use as many local and organic ingredients as possible, along with a dash of love. Being a strong community partner is important to the business and they help many local organizations.

Featured Item: COOKIE…take a bite! Cookies, 2 oz. Package, Selected Varieties, $2.49 LOCAL

Epicurean Solutions Salads

  • Epicurean Solutions is a woman owned, -founded and -led business from Julia Li and Moira Tokatyan. They are known for artisan, small batch vegan and vegetarian deli salads. Their passion is translated through every hand-picked fresh herb, each homemade dressing and all hand cut ingredients. Being a vegetarian company does not hinder but encourages their creativity and adventurous flavor profiles. Epicurean was founded by Moira Tokatyan’s deep culinary passion, and love for the Bay Area. In 2022, the torch was passed to Julia Li, where she continues to deliver high quality artisan salads to loyal fans.

Featured Item: Epicurean Solutions Salads, 8 oz. Package, Selected Varieties, $4.99/ea. LOCAL

Mama Mel’s Bread

  • Mama Mel’s Bread is a woman owned, -founded, and -led nosiness from Melissa Wenzel. They make artisan gluten-free bread products such as sourdough levain loaves, baguettes, bagels and pizza dough. Melissa began her gluten-free bread-baking adventures shortly after becoming a mother to her twin girls in 2009. Knowing that she was gluten-intolerant and likely had Celiac disease, she decided to be cautious with her daughters as well. Most of their products are not only gluten-free but also free of egg, dairy, nuts, corn, and soy. They are made with traditional breadmaking techniques in a dedicated gluten free kitchen.

Featured Item: Mama Mel’s Gluten Free Pizza Dough, 12 oz. Package, $5.99/ea. LOCAL

Nixie Sparkling Water

  • Nixie Sparkling Water is a woman founded and-led business from Nicole Dawes that makes organic, flavored sparkling water. Founder & CEO Nicole Dawes and her team are devoted to transforming the beverage industry by creating products people drink for the taste and love for the mission! Sugar avoidance and clean water are top priorities for consumers. Nixie sparkling waters are purified using reverse osmosis filtration and tested for PFAS. All are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and contain zero calories, sugars, or sweeteners. Nixie is a friendly NorCal neighbor to Oliver’s, headquartered in Larkspur.

Featured Item: Nixie Sparkling Water, 8 pack/12 oz. Cans, Selected Varieties, $2.99+CRV

Pedroncelli Winery

  • Pedroncelii Winery is a woman owned and -led business from Julie Pedroncelli St. John. Her grandparents purchased property in Dry Creek Valley in 1927. They wanted to put down roots for their young family. The purchase included a Zinfandel vineyard, a shuttered winery, and a home. They sold wine grapes during Prohibition, and started making wine after it was repealed. Their story is the immigrant experience coming to life as the American dream. The wines tell the story of vintage and vineyard one glass at a time. They believe the best compliment is sharing their wines with family and friends.

Featured Item: Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel – 2020, Dry Creek Valley, $15.99 LOCAL

Farm Chocolate

  • Farm Chocolate is a local woman owned, -led, and -founded business from Patty Doyle that makes organic confections and brittles hand-dipped in sustainably sourced chocolates. She learned her kitchen skills early and inherited her entrepreneurial spirit from her father. She has always had a love for creating and making people happy with food and art. Everything is made in micro batches with the finest chocolate and ingredients that she can source. She loves to use fresh citrus, nuts and flowers in her confections, but in the end, she loves working with any new, seasonal items she acquires.

Featured Item: Farm Chocolate, 5 Piece Box, $9.99 LOCAL

More Female-Led Deliciousness!

Check out all of these other featured items this week that are not only delicious and of excellent quality, but also share women leadership as another quality they have in common.

  • Larabar Fruit and Nut Bar, 1.6 oz. Bar, Selected Varieties, 10 for $10 (Woman Founded/Led)
  • Purely Elizabeth Superfood Cereal, 11 oz. Box, Selected Varieties, $3.99 (Woman Founded/Led)
  • Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips, 5 oz. Bag, Selected Varieties, $3.99 (Woman Founded)
  • Nancy’s Organic Yogurt, 32 oz. Container, Selected Varieties, $3.49 (Woman Led)
  • Caulipower Frozen Pizza, 11.3 oz. Box, Selected Varieties, $6.99 (Woman Founded/Led)
  • G’s Original Dry Hard Ginger Beer,16 oz. Cans, $3.49+CRV (Woman Owned)
  • G’s Original Wild One Mint Lime Hard Ginger Beer, 16 oz. Cans, $3.49+CRV (Woman Owned)
  • Crowns and Hops BPLB Hazy IPA, 4 pack/16 oz. Cans, $12.99+CRV (Woman Owned)
  • Kyla “Sunbreak” Lavender Lemonade, 6 pack/12 oz. Cans, $12.49+CRV (Woman Led)
  • Point Reyes Bay Blue, $19.99/lb. (Woman Owned)
  • Valley Ford Estero Gold Reserve, $15.99/lb. (Woman Founded)

We are grateful for the many wonderful women businesses we are featuring this week. Thank you for all that you do every day to enhance our lives through your vision, hard work, and delicious products. Salud!

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