A Few Good Melons…

Picking a good melon may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, but never fear: Oliver’s is here!

When picking a melon, use your senses! Look for melons that are free of cracks, bruises, and soft spots; for watermelons and honeydew, the skin should be dull in appearence, and a honeydew should be pale yellow in color. For cantaloupe and other muskmelons, the rind beneath the “netting” should be golden or orange in color.

You’ll want to feel the melon too – it should be heavy for its size, meaning it will be nice and juicy! You can also check for good watermelons by tapping them; if they sound hollow, you’ve got a good one. Finally, make sure to sniff the area where the stem was attached. If it smells sweet and floral, you’ve got a melon in a million!


When perfectly ripe, the flesh is juicy, unctuous and sweet! Serve this summer treat fresh and simply with prosciutto or with yogurt and honey.

Orange Flesh Honeydew

Firm yet juicy flesh offing a honey sweet melon, almost bubblegum-esque flavor. This melon is one of the summer’s highly-anticipated staff favorites!

Galia Melon

Its flesh is pale green with a succulent texture and a signature spicy-sweet flavor, all rounded out with tropical and floral aromatics.

Crenshaw Melon

This melon’s skin turns golden-yellow at the peak of ripeness and will have a slightly waxy feel. Its dense, tender, and peach-colored flesh is sweet and slightly spicy.

Canary Melon

When this melon is ripe, its hard rind turns bright yellow, it develops a corrugated look. It will have a slightly waxy feel and its flesh will be pale ivory in color. Canary melons possess flavors that are both tangy and mildly sweet.

Sharlyn Melon

A highly perishable variety with a subtle flavor. It’s excellent with more sour foods, like yogurt or goat cheese. Great for cooking with!

Tuscan Cantaloupe

Similar in coloring to the classic cantaloupe, this melon has a dense flesh with a rich cantaloupe flavor and is usually sweeter than the classic variety.

Casaba Melon

The creamy, pale green-white flesh is mild and sweet in flavor, with nuances of Asian pear and an aroma reminiscent of cucumber. Great fresh in salads.

Honeydew Melon

When picked at its peak, the honeydew should be reminiscent of a Comice Pear, with intense sweetness and floral qualities. Firm and juicy flesh, look for dull color to indicate ripeness.

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