35 Reasons Sonoma County Loves Oliver’s Market

Thank you, Oliver’s Market customers! For our 35th Anniversary, we decided to ask you why you love to shop with us and the responses did not disappoint!

Over 400 of you took time to share your thoughts and stories with us via our online contest. Entries were eligible to win a random drawing for a $350 Oliver’s Gift Card or a $10 Oliver’s Gift Card and subscription to Sonoma Magazine if your response was selected!

Drumroll, please! Here are our 35 contest winners.

  1. “Oliver’s Bakery and Catering services—simply the very best!” – Jeannie J
  2. “We compare every other store to Oliver’s.  No one comes close.” — Andy M
  3. “Oliver’s produce is the best! Displays are neat; organics plentiful! A sensual feast!” — Nancy P
  4. “Quality and Kindness is unlike any other grocery store and I love grocery stores!” — Kami L
  5. “The great “feeling” that I’m surrounded by local food choices and friendly staff who care.” — Kristina W
  6. “I’m new to Sonoma County. I now live 5 minutes from Oliver’s Montecito and couldn’t be happier.” — David S
  7. “Everyone at Oliver’s makes you feel like family.” — Leslie T
  8. “The friendliest and most helpful butchers in town.” — Monica M
  9. “The cheese selection and the cheese aficionados behind the counter are outstanding!” — Janet B
  10. “The customer service and helpful employees is the best I’ve experienced in years.” — Cheryl L
  11. “They employ people with disabilities & create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all.” — Renee T
  12. “Great food, selection, people, and a fun place to shop. Always brightens my day.” — Tim T
  13. “The fresh produce section is my “happy place” – vibrant, colorful, abundant, and inspiring!” — Maggie H
  14. “Oliver’s enormously supports locals – residents, schools, growers, non-profits, events, musicians, and more…WONDERFUL!” — Cheryl S
  15. “The food’s high quality, the price is right, the staff is friendly and helpful!” — Rand F
  16. “What’s not to love?! Walking to buy locally produced food and goods is a gift.” — Lindsey G
  17. “Best selection of specialty and gluten free foods in Sonoma County!!!” — Judi C
  18. “One of the last places that feels like a genuinely local community.” — Kate P
  19. “Authentic, fresh, locally sourced nourishment that supports the community and its employees (owners!).” — Joe V
  20. “Oliver’s carries all of my favorite local products I can’t get elsewhere.” — Kerry R
  21. “Beautiful locally sourced produce complemented by extensive meat & fish counter. Great beer selection too!” — Kathleen A
  22. “Friendly staff, the BEST produce, and great local products, what’s not to love.” — Sonia M
  23. “Senior day rocks! Bakery, produce & employees make it a necessary trip weekly.” — Jacque B
  24. “Great people! Quality products! Local and community oriented. Great customer service. Love it!” — Jill H
  25. “Oliver’s conscientiously provisions Farm To Table: local, nutrient-dense, diverse, delicious, fresh food.” — Laura R
  26. “The people who work there and the people who shop there…they are the BEST!” — Rebecca K
  27. “Instant, no-work picnic planning! Just choose from foods at the hot/salad bar or deli!” — Shirley p
  28. “Best fish and cuts of meat. Always fresh vegetables. Most beautiful and delicious bakery.” — Joanne U
  29. “The Wellness department has such helpful, knowledgeable staff with a great inventory of products.” — Gail D
  30. “I love that when you walk into an Oliver’s Market it feels like family.” — Lauren B
  31. “When they say local, they mean local. Love their support of our farmers and businesses.” — Joanne E
  32. “Best produce in town! Bulk section is amazing & their prepared meals are restaurant quality!!” — Kim K
  33. “Always committed to supporting local causes from our schools and youth sports to non-profits. Thanks!” — Ed G
  34. “It’s the quality of products they offer but even more important are the fabulous employees!!” — L C
  35. “Oliver’s represents superior quality and service for everyone. Only the best for all Sonoma County.” — Judy O

Once again, thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We hope you enjoy this week’s special sales and activities and join us this week as we celebrate 35 years serving you!

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