Buffalo Sour


  • 2oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • 1 Lemon
  • .75oz Simple Syrup
  • .5oz Dry Red Wine


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

  2. Cut a lemon in half using a pairing knife. Using a citrus press, press half a lemon over a jigger to yield 1oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  3. Add the lemon juice to your cocktail shaker with 2oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon and .75oz Simple Syrup.

  4. Shake well! Using a cocktail strainer, strain over fresh ice into a rocks glass.

  5. Using a bar spoon, slowly pour red wine over the back of the spoon to lightly skim your cocktail.

  6. Do not stir; the red wine should simply float on top. Enjoy!

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