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3350 Coffey Lane
Santa Rosa, CA

Moonlight Brewing Co.

Since their first batch in 1992, Moonlight Brewing Co.’s goal has been to make the best tasting beer they can. They believe that traditional processes have a place in the modern brewery. While much of their protocol extends the time from kettle to glass, they continue to practice these long established techniques because the beer deserves it. Respected beer is tasty beer. Their 20 barrel brewhouse has no computers, requiring kinship between raw ingredients, equipment, and brewer in order to produce their beer. They use sight, smell and taste (and some lab gadgetry) to determine when a beer is ready to be released to the world. While most of their beer is made with just malted barley and hops, they use different grains and herbs in some of their seasonal beers. These ingredients and the flavors they produce give us a glimpse into a time when the beer world was not dominated by hops. Although most of their beers are fermented with their house lager and ale yeasts, they usually slip in a few saisons in Summertime. Moonlight Brewing Co. hopes you will find a few new favorites in their offerings. Cheers!

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