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CA, United States

3 Disciples Brewing

3 Disciples was born in the soil of Sonoma County, California, one of the most agriculturally rich and diverse areas in the world. With a solid belief in being stewards of the land, 3 Disciples cultivated hops, barley and other “gifts of nature” to use in their distinctive ales. Practicing sustainable farming techniques, they firmly believe in utilizing what Mother Nature has blessed them with while leaving no trace behind. 3 Disciples Brewing is the result of the perfect balance that three partners have created. They never cut corners and make certain every single batch has all the qualities they desire, or else it never makes it to your glass. They believe in their vision and have prevailed to ensure their followers will also see the light. 3 Disciples has crossed boundaries and blended style genres, yet they keep their focus on one goal; Innovative Ales that will make you think. As a brewery, 3 Disciples is ever evolving.

4 Locations to Serve Sonoma County