Oliver’s Own Commissary Bakery

Since opening our Windsor location in 2016, our commissary bakery has been creating delectable eats en masse every day. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on these baked-good wizards  for some well-deserved appreciation! Learn about some of the mouthwatering treats they’re cooking up! Swing by any Oliver’s Market to see what else our commissary bakery team is baking up!

In a quiet corner behind the Tavern in our Windsor store lies a hidden wonderland of sweet, buttery deliciousness. Oliver’s Bakery Commissary provides a mouth-watering array of scratch-made items that are shipped to our store locations for in-house baking and decorating. Headed by Executive Baker, Phyllis Heagney, and staffed by her laughing cadre of bakers, the commissary is poised to make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner as quick and tasty as possible! We opened our commissary bakery in 2016, and ever since, we’ve been keeping up Sonoma County’s baked good-habit in true Oliver’s style – with fresh, locally-made products that are always of the highest quality. Here are some of our very favorite treats, check them out below!

Warning: May cause insatiable hunger for freshly baked snacks. Proceed with excitement.

Mini Pies & Pies

You can get your favorite pie in a smaller size, so they’re perfect for a weeknight dessert or a midnight snack! Made with plenty of Clover butter and tender fruits like cherries and apples, these pies are crisp and flakey on the outside and sweet and gooey on the inside. Enjoy it as a proper indulgence for one, or savor with someone you love. Think you’ll be needing more pie? Check out our range of full-size pies, they come with the same delicious flavors but in a more shareable size!


To start your day in style, pick up some of our house-made scones. Rich and moist, they’re studded with a memorable lineup of add-ins, from dates and pecans to white chocolate and raspberries. Made with oodles of Clover butter and heavy cream, Oliver’s Scones are tender crisp, and are a delightful companion to your favorite coffee drink or tea.


Check out our totally toothsome granolas! Organic rolled oats, toasted nuts, dried fruits, butter and pure maple syrup are some of the top-shelf ingredients in our Chocolate Chip Orange, Maple Ginger, and Cranberry Coco-Nut Granolas. Not too sweet, they add crunch to yogurt and fresh summer fruits, making them perfect for breakfast, a simple pick-me-up, or a health-conscious dessert.

Rosemary Focaccia

Is it lunch yet? We hope so, especially with our tender rosemary or kalamata olive focaccia breads! Crafted with extra virgin olive oil and loads of pungent rosemary, you’ll find any number of uses for these versatile loaves – slice them thin and bake  to a crisp for croutons or crostini; top them with sauce and cheese for a no-fuss pizza; or split and lightly toast for sandwiches, panini or burgers.

Cornbread Squares

Our delicious cornbread square rocks the side dish category, and deftly anchors a simple or extravagant lunch. Moist and just-sweet-enough, this tasty square serves a crowd and goes perfectly with soup, chili or barbecue. Looking for just a taste to go with your fresh Oliver’s Own soups and hot food? We also carry wedges of the same delicious cornbread in our bakeries, perfect for turning an ordinary lunch hour into something extraordinary.

Chocolate Decadence

Dinnertime calls for some indulgence, and if you’re a true chocoholic, you must experience our legendary chocolate decadence. Unapologetically rich, this dreamy gluten free single-layer torte is the epitome of chocolatey joy. Whether you’re looking to feed a group or for a treat meant for one, these guys really live up to their name – they are decadent!

Cream Puffs

When your tastes run to simpler pleasures, our cream puffs fit the bill. We make our crisp shells in-house and fill them to the brim with freshly whipped cream. Serve them up with fresh strawberries and chocolate, or enjoy them as the simple delicacies they are.

No matter what it is you’re craving, Oliver’s commissary bakery is baking it up and sending it out just for you! Bon appetit!

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