It’s Memorial Day Weekend Grillin’ Time!

At last, finally the season of grilling is upon us! Pick up everything you need for a spectacular Memorial Day Weekend this week at Oliver’s!

Memorial Day is upon us. The extended holiday weekend is the unofficial start to summer and grilling season. Clean off the patio, fire up the grill and have a barbeque while remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. As always, Oliver’s Market is your one stop shop to pick up everything you will need for your Memorial Day Weekend barbeque, as well as for all those barbeques to come this summer.

Pick up some Oliver’s Natural Pork Baby Back Ribs, at $2.99 a pound this week. They’re the perfect ribs for backyard grilling. They can be cooked over hot, direct heat alongside your burgers and steaks. Start them over high heat, grilling them a minute or two on each side, then move them to a part of the grill with low to moderate heat, turning them every so often for 10-15 minutes. Sauce them towards the end of cook time, or after you have removed them from the grill.

Don’t think that the grill is just for meats. This week, get two ears of fresh California White Corn for only $1 and pop them straight on the grill. There are a few different ways to grill up your corn on the cob. Some people like to leave the husk on while grilling. Another way is to remove the husk and wrap the ears in aluminum foil, which helps to steam the corn a little bit. You can also grill them by removing the husk, brush them lightly with oil or butter, and place them directly on the grill, turning them frequently. No matter how you do it, they’re sure to taste delicious!

No Memorial Day barbeque would be complete without burgers. A burger isn’t just about the meat; the buns and what you build your burger with are also important. Pretzilla’s Pretzel Burger Buns, this week only $2.99 per package, are a great base for your burger. Fresh greens always make a nice addition but step away from the ho-hum standard green lettuce. Instead, pick up some fresh Arugula. It will add a nice pop of zesty, peppery flavor. If topping your burger with cheese (and who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger?), look no further than our Gourmet Cheese Department. They’re sure to have the perfect cheese that will add that extra punch of flavor to your burger.

If a barbeque is on your list for the weekend, but you don’t have the time to do the grilling yourself, we’ve got that covered too. Our grills will be sizzling away in front of all four stores from 11-7:30 PM with all your favorite meats, seafood and sides. All our meats are prepared in one of our Oliver’s Own spice rubs including Rub Potion #9 or Mesquite, or in our Oliver’s Own Citrus marinade or BBQ sauce. Other items available hot off the grill include a BBQ tri-tip sandwich, a salmon fillet with garlic butter, BBQ oysters, corn on the cob and even a pulled chicken sandwich. That’s right; we have everything you need for the perfect Memorial Day barbeque meal, when you don’t have time to do the grilling yourself.

No barbeque would be complete without a beverage or two to accompany your meal. Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, and Leffe Blonde 6 packs are just $7.99+CRV this week. With a range of choices like this, you’re sure to find the perfect brew to suit even the pickiest barbecue-goer’s tastes. Your grilled meats scream for a full-bodied, red wine, and Nick Goldschmidt’s 2017 Fidelity Red for $12.99 a bottle is just the one. The wine is redolent of fresh blueberries and red cherries, with a complex nose and a fruit-driven palate. It’s a perfect match for whatever comes off the grill.

No matter what your needs are this holiday weekend, we here at Oliver’s Market have you covered. We wish you all a safe Memorial Day Weekend.


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