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You heard right: it’s time for 20% off Rosés yet again! This week, take 20% off your favorite rosé wines – whether it’s a blushing bottle from Martin Ray or the palest of pinks from Domaine Vettricie, we’ve got the rosés that’ll put roses back in your cheeks.

Starting here, starting now – honey, everything’s coming up roses! Or rosés, to be more specific. Yes, it’s that special time of year where we roll out the discounts on everyone’s favorite pink wines! We’ve got rosés of all kinds – dark, light, and every shade in between, these wines are unbelievably versatile and delicious. Rosé, like many wines, can trace its vines all the way back to antiquity. In fact, rosé was the wine to drink if you were an ancient Greek or Roman! Rosés eventually became known as being the perfect leisure wine, and while they never really lost that reputation in Europe, they struggled to gain a foothold in the US for years. In fact, the already under-represented rosés took a nosedive in popularity in the mid-20th century – cheap, bulk rosés imported from Portugal to the US soured its reputation so much that rosé didn’t start earning any credibility as a serious wine until the end of the century. Luckily, rosé has been making steady progress ever since, and these days, it’s hard to imagine a world where people aren’t obsessed with all things rosé!

Now, there’s a few things to consider when picking your rosé. First, think about what you’re planning on pairing it with. Rosés tend to be on the lighter side and as such tend to pair well with foods like salads, grilled meats, and seafood; however, as with all things, rosés exist on a spectrum! A literal, one in this case. The lighter the color of the rosé, the lighter the flavor will be, and vice versa. A pale salmon pink will be lighter in the mouth and have a fruitier quality to it, while darker wines might range anywhere from floral to peppery. These changes in color and subsequently in flavor have a lot to do with how the rosé was actually made, or more specifically how long the juice of the grapes was allowed to sit with its stems, seeds, and skins (for more info on making rosés, check out our blog post HERE). As the color gets darker and more concentrated, so too do the flavors of the wine! Darker rosés can hold their own against fattier meats and roasted flavors, even spicy food pairs brilliantly with a darker rosé!

From the luxurious to the accessible, there’s a rosé for everyone and a world of possibilities to explore. Check out some of the rosés we’re featuring this week and enter la vie en rose!

La Crema Rosé of Pinot Noir

2018, Monterey, California

While La Crema is best know for their Chardonnay and their Pinot Noir, they also do a tiny amount of Rosé each year. There are aromas of mandarin orange, pink grapefruit, and guava. On the palate, look for flavors of watermelon, strawberry, and blood orange that are complimented by undertones of minerality.

Alexander Valley Vineyard Rosé of Sangiovese

2018, Alexander Valley

Aromas of guava, strawberry, watermelon, raspberry and mint explode out of the glass, while the flavors of watermelon, strawberry, peach, and berry along with a nice minerality keep you coming back for another sip.

Angeline Rose of Pinot Noir

 2018, California

A fresh front-palate of tart cherry, wild strawberry, and honeyed cantaloupe lead into a crisp citrus mid and closes beautifully with a clean, concise acidity on the finish.

Apaltagua Carmenere Rosé

2018, Maule Valley, Chile

This Rosé has perfumed aromas of tart, red fruit. Along with floral notes, as well as hints of citrus, there is a touch of light balsamic and some subtle spice. It is fresh and dry on the mouth.

Chateau de Campuget Tradition Rosé

2018, Rhone, France

This Rosé has a nice appearance, with a light and fresh pink color. This also has a particularly fruity taste of raspberries and strawberries, with good and refreshing acidity.

Chateau Paradis Rosé

2018, Provence, France

Rich and intense, it offers a blend of white pulp fruit and flowers with subtle, spicy notes. Well balanced and generous, it is the perfect mix of roundness and freshness with a long fruity finish.

Chateau Signac Rosé

2018, Rhone Valley, France

A blend of Grenache, Mouvedre, and Syrah, this Rhone Rosé is a little more full-bodied but still delectable! Perfect as an aperitif, or serve it alongside Oliver’s Rotisserie chicken!

De Chansac Rosé

2018, Languedoc, France

Elegant, bright pink color. Aromas of strawberry and fresh notes of lychee and green apple. Dry and crisp, with a refreshing finish. A perfect aperitif wine ideal with tapas or grilled fish.

Domaine Vettricie Rosé

2018, Corsica, France

Light pink, almost clear, with floral aromas like cranberry, blackberry and blackcurrant. Soft attack to the palate with generous fruit, an explosion of berries to a lingering finish.

La Domitienne Grenache Gris

2018, Languedoc, France

Terrific notes of peach, strawberry and orange blossom on the nose. Fresh and light on the palate, showing a floral edge to the brisk core of peach pit on the attack; medium-bodied, layered and elegant.

Les Barrabans Rosé

2018, France

What a deal on a really nice wine! This rosé has flavors of strawberry, candied cherry, stone fruit, and watermelon, with a hint of citrus. It is light bodied and dry, and it has a nicely crisp finish thanks to its bright acidity. Great with a medley of berries!

Mariella Rosé

2018, Portugal

This is a perfect accompaniment to all seafood, appetizers, and summertime cuisine.  It’s made in a true “Dry Style”, with crisp and elegant aromas just bursting with bright cherry and ripe plum fragrances.

Marietta Old Vine Rosé

2018, California

We went bonkers for this juice! So bright and lively, with great acid to hold up to food. Composed of Syrah, Grenache Noir, and Grenache Gris, this wine is a perfect nod to Provence.

Martin Ray Rosé of Pinot Noir

2018, Sonoma County

Notes of fresh strawberry, bright bing cherry, and English Rose. Complemented by Bosc pear, ripe cantaloupe, watermelon rind, and honeysuckle.

Paradise Ridge Pretty in Pink Rosé

2018, Russian River Valley

Words could not be truer – this is a very pretty wine with a coral hue. Being a blend, there is an added complexity to the flavor profile. An ideal Quaffer.

Rive Sud Rosé of Pinot Noir

2018, Pays d’Oc, France

A fragrant nose of raspberries and cherries. The palate shows a sustained concentration of red fruits and a fresh finish. Pair it with grilled salmon, tuna, poultry, and salads!

Saint Roch Rosé

2018, Cotes de Provence, France

Here is France’s quintessential quaffer: an unadulterated blend of Grenache and Cinsault, this excellent imported value wine is the perfect summer wine to share in the shade.

Tiny House Rosé of Pinotage

2018, Sonoma Coast

The ripe peach color introduces a mouthwatering nose punch full of guava, watermelon rind, stone fruit, and sea spray. The mouthfeel is bright and uplifting.

While this may seem like a lot of rosés to choose from, don’t worry – we promise there’s more! This week, stop into any one of our four locations and start seeing the world through rosé-tinted glasses!

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