Dive Into Oliver’s Own Dips!

This week, dive into dipping bliss with Oliver’s Own dips and the chips that compliment them perfectly.

We’re rolling our way into barbecue season, which means there will soon be an abundance of delicious burgers flipping on grills around Sonoma County and the air will sing with the sound of beers being opened! No barbecue can be complete without a medley of snacks to nibble on before the main event, and as with all things, we at Oliver’s are ready! This week, check out Oliver’s Own dips for some flavors that’ll really get the party started, and let’s not forget about crackers and chips for dipping. Here are seven pairings that’ll make your first summer barbecue the talk of the town.

Artichoke Jalapeno Dip with Stonewall Sea Salt Flatbreads

(16 oz. Tub, $6.99/EA; 4.4-5 oz. Box, $3.99/EA)

Artichoke dip has been a staple of American parties since the 1950’s, but we’ve launched this classic into the future with the addition of spicy jalapenos. The light flavor of the sea salt crackers bring out the nuances of the dip without being overpowering, while still being sturdy enough to stand up to a hearty dip. Savor the mellow nuttiness of artichoke and parmesan and the light heat of the jalapenos as an appetizer before the main meal or as a delicious addition to any barbecue spread.

Spinach Dip with La Brea Baguette

(16 oz. Tub, $6.99/EA; 10.5 oz. Loaf, $1.99/EA)

Another American classic, this cool and creamy dip makes the perfect compliment to a hot summer’s day. The perfect vehicle for this dip is a fresh round of bread cut from a La Brea Baguette. The chewy texture of the bread stands up to the luxuriously rich creaminess of the spinach dip, allowing you to savor a bite that’s truly gourmet; serve the bread fresh or toast it for a crisp that holds up to even the most zealous of barbecue goers. Make sure to ask at our bakery to have your bread sliced for no additional charge!

Traditional Hummus with Stonewall Rosemary Parmesan Crackers

(8 oz. Tub, $4.49/EA; 4.4-5 oz. Box, $3.99/EA)

Hailing from the Middle East, this delicious dip of blended chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and seasonings makes a fantastic snack that packs a protein-filled wallop; serve it up with these lightly flavored rosemary and parmesan crackers. The rosemary and parmesan highlight the garlic in the hummus and while also providing an additional layer of subtle flavor. The crunch of the crackers with the smooth hummus will have your guests begging for more!

Roasted Garlic & Lemon Hummus with Rustic Bakery Organic Flatbreads

(8 oz. Tub, $4.49/EA; 6 oz. Box, $4.99/EA)

Turn up traditional hummus with the sweet, mild flavors of roasted garlic and the intense citrus-ness of lemon; this hummus is more mellow than traditional hummus while still retaining the essence of the classic. With a variety of subtle flavors to choose from, Rustic Bakery is sure to have the perfect cracker to suit your palette. Try it with the multigrain flatbreads to bring out the nuttiness in the hummus, or maybe olive oil and sel gris is more your speed – the subtle flavors of olive and the bite of the salt further enhance the subtleties of the roasted garlic.

Chipotle Lime Hummus with Stonewall Simple White Crackers

(8 oz. Tub, $4.49/EA; 4.4-5 oz. Box, $3.99/EA)

Fortune favors the bold, and this hummus is certainly bold! Spicy, smoky chipotle melds with the bright sharpness of lime for a dip that stands beautifully on its own or as part of a feast; pair it with simple white crackers for a crunch that elevates the hummus without muddying the waters. Serve this as a pre-curser to carne asada fresh from the grill or as the perfect accompaniment to a salty and sweet margarita.

Spicy Piquillo Hummus with Stonewall Olive Oil Crackers

(8 oz. Tub, $4.49/EA; 4.4-5 oz. Box, $3.99/EA)

Sweet, smoky, and spicy piquillo peppers blend beautifully with garlic and chickpeas in this fresh take on hummus. The flavor is similar to that of a roasted red bell pepper but with a kick of heat and a deeper pepper flavor. Pair this piquant hummus with savory olive oil crackers – there is a natural affinity between piquillos and olive oil that serves to boost the flavors of the hummus without masking or outshining them. Try it as an opener to a meal of homemade paella hot off the grill or be the MVP of your next potluck and bring some to share!

Black Bean Hummus with Sabor Mexicano Corn Tortilla Chips

(8 oz. Tub, $4.49/EA; 12 oz. Bag, $3.59/EA)

Looking for something that’ll impress your guests without making an impression on your wallet? Look no further than this black bean hummus! By replacing the chickpeas with black beans, we’ve made an already healthful snack even better, and prettier to boot. This colorful spread is perfect dolloped on top of crispy, crunchy Sabor tortilla chips; the saltiness of the chips with the creamy hummus makes for a taste sensation that can’t be beat, and you can rest assured that it’s a healthy choice too.

No matter what you’re craving, Oliver’s has the dips and chips that’ll bump your barbecue to the next level – stop by this week for everything you need to welcome summer fun like a local!

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