Trick-or-Treat yourself with Pumpkin Beer!

Spicy Fall Brews to Discover

If you have taken a stroll down our beer aisle recently, you have probably noticed another tell-tale sign that we have transitioned from summer to fall even though it still feels like summer outside: Your favorite crisp summer beers have been replaced by the heartier fall seasonal selections.  If you are a summer-only beer drinker, it might be time to consider the beauty of weightier fall brew: They can pair wonderfully with a wide variety of foods, just like their summer counterparts can. Their richer, more complex flavors invite a new set of food partners to the table: Think hearty stews, chili, roasted/braised meats and roasted root vegetables. Here is a fall seasonal brew that we’re excited to carry that will give you a sense of what you can enjoy in the chilly months to come.  Cheers!

Alaskan Pilot Series Imperial Pumpkin Porter, 22 oz., $6.99+CRV

With over 11 pounds of pumpkin added to every barrel of this imperial porter, this beer has a smooth, velvety rich texture. Sweet pumpkin notes are cut by an undercurrent of smoke, with hints of spice and brown sugar rounding out each sip. What exactly goes into this Fall brew? So. Much. Pumpkin. Also, brown sugar, holiday spices, and their famous alder-smoked malt.

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